From An Awakened Eye

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Almost in the Air...

my favorite time of the year!
Anyone ready to join me in my back yard?
I will be serving pumpkin everything!
I wish this was in my back yard...
I would so have a dinner party if it was mine.

I am dreaming of warm apple cider
bon fires and
yes... the fair...
Silly I know, but I just love all the food 
there and all the fried oreos!

I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving.
This year we will have it with my family
and we will have a new addition!
My middle brother (2of 3) and his wife
are expecting a baby boy in November.
This will be their 3rd adopted child, 
and we are just so thrilled to welcome little
Garrison Mark
into our family. 
They have 3 girls already and are excited to
be getting a boy.
So this year will be much different than last...
we will have 2 new lives to be thankful for.

Praising God today for my little orange!
The baby is just over 4 inches long head to rump.
I should start feeling this little one soon!

Abundance is... a warm promising future to look forward to, life unexpected times 2!


  1. I LOVE the fair too!! We will have to meet up and eat together! Because eating is just about the only reason to go to the fair, well that and people watching!! Luv ya

  2. Jenny,

    I hear such a spirit of warmth in your voice and it sounds wonderful! Enjoy every second of this beautiful Fall...the Fall that was created just for you. Wishing you all things blessed and wonderful as you journey forward.

    As for Thanksgiving, wow! What a wonderful day that will be and there is so much to be Thankful for. Please extend my congrats to your brother on the arrival of his son...what a beautiful gift from GOD.

    Much Love