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Friday, June 4, 2010

Show us Your Life: Random acts of kindness

This is my *Splash* of Summer RAKs-*_*-
Super excited to see what ideas you have... just leave them in the comment box. That would be a RAK for me! ;)  I love comments!  {Sorry about all the * and -*_*- I am in a silly Friday before you go on vacation moment}
Here are a few of my thoughts and I can't wait to hear about yours.
I have done some of these and the others need to be {acted} out for real!

1. Keeping McDonald dollars in my glove compartment to give to the

homeless people who stand near exit 22.

2. Paying for the person behind me in line at a drive thru. or line.

3. Offering to pay for the gas of the person a few pumps over from me.

4. Walking into a laundry mat to help another lady do her laundry by giving her a bag of quarters and then staying to help her fold her laundry.

5. Stopping by a grave yard to pray with someone standing at a fresh grave.

6. Stopping to share a smile or encouraging word with the lady frantically walking down the street with what looks like all she owns bulging out of several wal-mart bags. (seriously see several of these ladies walking down new hope, always scared to do it though)

7. Simple text to tell someone they were on my heart and mind.

8. Surprise snail mail! I love it and love sending it!

Such a sweet surprise to get something cute with your name on the front

jumbled in between mundane junk mail.
Let's get some comments rolling and see what kind of R.A.K. a Roo's we can get...


  1. You have great ideas!!! I was thinking to myself "Gah, I see so many women walking with their whole lives in Wal Mart bags" and then I remembered we live in the same city!! Funny but really sad at the same time. I swear I am going to pay for the person behind me in line at the drive thru next time I eat fast food.

  2. I love RAoKs! Number 8 is one of my favourites!


  3. I love snail mail! Any time we are invited to a dinner party I always bring the hostess a gift but I don't feel the "thank you" is complete with out a hand written "thank you" note sent via snail mail. I like in include a quick note about something funny or cute that happened and compliment the meal.

  4. What a terrific list!

    I especially love that you take the time to send a note or letter.

    What a great gift!

  5. I have done the "drive thru challenge"...LOVED IT! The reaction from the person taking your money is so awesome to see. I just say I'm paying for the car behind me. Everytime the reaction is the same, shear aw! The only thing I ask in return is that the clerk tell them I said "God Bless and you are in my prayers." I have done it at the same place several times and the clerk remembers me. I obviously have made an impression on her as well. People SEE God in us! Do it once and you will be hooked!

  6. Great list....Trying to catch up some blog reading...and love these random of my favorite things to do....
    Love your blog..
    Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend...