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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Confused VS. Lost

The latest TTC update as of 5.28.10:
The  appointment with Dr. Teaff went well today.  The number 3 has been whispered in my spirit for months now, before I knew how prevelant the #3 was in the infertility cyle world that is. I keep holding on to it because I do not feel God has revealed the fullness of it yet. So there were a few numbers thrown at us today. One being that the sperm had 72 mil/part and great morphology. The other being that with my erratic ovulation pattern we were looking at a 3% chance every month of conceiving. Where as the typical couple has 22% chance each month. I thought that was kind of low, but when you think of how God created our bodies to sync perfectly to conceive (ie select sperm making it to the egg, hormone sync during ovulation, etc.) then the small # doesn't look so odd in the grand scheme of things. Basically Dr. Teaff believes that my body is definitely ovulating, but not at the right time, per labs and not registering on home ov. test. The awesome news is she can help us get that number up to 38% per month by regulating my hormones, ovulation and taking the guess work out for the sperm.  She isn't convinced that these handsome sperm aren't getting lost or dying off inside me. {Shrug} So the options she gave us are promising and with a u/s to confirm we start IUI treatments TOMORROW! 5/29/10  She would like us to try 3 rounds of IUI and see what happens. J & I both agreed before we went to the appointment that if she wanted us to start IUI that we were ready. Planned sex just sucks right now!  And if our chances are that low I have a fear it would take years (which she confirmed it would) and sex for us would ultimately become non-existent. NOT good... so Clomid pill #1 went down the hatch today (5/29/10) So we will see...

Abundance is... rain after sowing seeds/ flowers, Faithful Friday, game plan to Promise, Hope that we are in His hands, friends to love on by helping them paint in their new home.

TTC: Trying To Conceive
Confused vs. Lost: I just thought it was cute because the show finale of "Lost" was on this past week and well the sperm are being questioned if they are getting confused or lost. {shrug}


  1. Good luck!! I will be keeping y'all in my prayers :)

  2. Thanks Karen! Hope you are your hubs are doing well I need to get over to your blog and see what you guys are up to! ;) Be blessed!

  3. Jenny, I finally found which blog you update with personal stuff!! Haha! I am seriously in tears reading your last few posts! I am praying for you girl!!! I can't wait to read the post that says you have a miracle growing inside you!!! <3!!!