From An Awakened Eye

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Praying for Abundance

I created this blog one night after the word
Kept running through my head
as you know...
{you} can't pray effectively
for someone
unless you have
{walked} in their

So as I was praying one {night} last week
I looked over the {prayer list}
 the similarities of the request.

There were {4} main
{areas} in which my prayers were going.
Knowing the {power of prayer} and the power of {2 or More} ,
 I feel that in my {waiting} this blog was birthed.
So check it {out}

{Email} me if you want to add someone to the list.
 I will be agreeing {daily} in prayer for each and every one. The awesome thing is {He knows every detail} of every request and he has the {answer on the way!}
I serve a {living and awesome God!}

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warm Winter Nights...

It has been cold the past several nights, and trust me I know because we take each puppy out on a leash! It was funny last night Braylee had to GO! Jonathan threw on my white robe and headed for the door with Bray waiting next to it, like hurry daddy. He realized how illuminated the front of the house is from the snowmen and lights on the trees until he opened the door and said, "uh honey will you take Bray out?". I just chuckled, he looked goofy in the robe, white legs and dress shoes! (sorry I didn't get a pic of that!)
I had to share that I have found a new favorite candle that J and I both like! This is a rarity because we are both hard to please with smells. I love the clean sometimes fresh, sometimes warm fragrance and he... well he's not sure. :P
Wood Wick makes this candle and it has a wooden wick infused with copper, so you hear the crackle of a fire as it burns. And oh does it burn! The pic below is after "it's" first 3 hour burn! Biscotti is the fragrance I chose because the precious lady in Cracker Barrell was so excited about them and talked me into it. All she needed to say was that it was a soy candle and I was in love after that! Plus it was 25% off!
So if you visit my home this Winter this will be the greeting fragrance! Wish you could scratch and sniff the picture!

So with every good candle you need a good book...

This is my current read and I am loving it!   It has opened my eyes to "Living room intimacy". God is always there waiting to spend time with us. It is we that past by the living room day after day all the while He is patiently waiting for time with us! What an awesome picture of  how much He loves us and care to be intimate with us.

Every good book needs a good cup of coffee and dessert...


Vanilla Wafers
cream cheese
instant coffee
whipped cream
Hershey Cocco (unsweetened)

Layer the cookies like a banana pudding. Make 1/2 cup of the instant coffee and dip cookies in the liquid.  
Mix softened cream cheese and 8 oz whipped cream in mixing bowl. Add a dash of instant grounds and layer this with the cookies. Ech time sprinkling the cookies with the liquid coffee. Lastly layer with cream topping. Chill overnight and then sprinkle with Hershey Cocco before serving.
This was a hit at the Anthony Christmas Eve dinner!
Braylee and Raegan wanted to sample the new dessert too!

Now I have an expresso machine coming in the mail and I need a good recipe to go with this wonderful dessert. I need suggestions please!   Select the "click here" to enter your suggestion.

So what is your favorite make at home cup of brew? Or specialty drink?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday fun...

Christmas {Eve}
at the {Anthony's}

Christmas {Day}   
the {Lyon's}

at the {Huffstetler's}...

at the {Norman's}

very {busy}
Christmas 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Abundance is...

Waking up on Christmas morning to an incredible husband, spending time with family, the excitement of children opening presents, Kirsten's (my almost 4 yo niece) sweet voice saying, "I always wanted this" and it was a box of clothes ;P, Dinner with my grandmother and great aunt Adora, potato soup and key lime pie to end an awesome Christmas day!  Happy Birthday Jesus. Because of you we have eternal life!  Thank you that the grave has no hold on us and we can spend eternity with you.

My heart is saddened tonight. Death is at the door of a dear friend. My Paw-paw in law (Stewart) is in the final stages of life. Breath is gasped for every minute. He will not be here with us long on this Earth. For my sister-in-law Deborah it is tragic. Father I as of you tonight to cover them in your peace. Surround them in your consuming calm spirit.  Ease any pain in his body. Take him on to be with you quickly and leave us with your Spirit to bring us through this time of mourning. Thank you for blessing us with knowing such a sweet soul.


Abundance is...

An incredible Christmas Eve spent wrapping presents with my mom, having lunch with my 87 yo grandmother, experience of 2 Christmas Eve services with my husband, breakfast on Christmas Eve night, fun stockings filled with goodies from Mom (Rhonda), seeing great friends and bringing in Christmas with them. What and incredible day!  God has poured His abundance over me!

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excitement and Expectations....It's Christmas Eve

  It is Christmas Eve and I just can't sleep!  Jonathan is sleeping away beside me, the "girls" are snuggled between us and all I can think about is the word ABUNDANCE!  Now why in the world would I be thinking of that when at 10:30 tonight I was almost in tears trying to find gifts for under $5? (That is our budget for gifts and I was too late for the $5 sale @ Old Navy ;P oh well I got over it chuckle) When I called Jonathan saying "this is impossible"! He simply grounded me by saying, "well then get out of there and come home." Like duh silly walk out the store. :)
Any way I am a little ADD @ the moment too... my wheels are spinning!
  Ever feel a since of excitement and expectation?  I have felt this all day long!  I had several hours in my day to "think on these things" (1 Cor 4:13)  and so I have been mulling over the word abundance.
I felt the Lord speak to me and drop this burden in me to pray and ask for others to pray with me through the wonderful line of communication called blogging.  You know the whole "where 2 or more are gathered in my name there I am". Yeah well it can work in agreement over a blog too.  Prayers are easier to keep track of if written down and it is hard to keep a prayer journal with me at all times. The reality is, my boss would stand over me and say, "what's that?"
In the realization this could never happen, I have started a prayer blog due to the eye opening experience that many of the people I have been praying over fall into 4 categories... Praying for a baby, husband, sick child & a job.
Tying it together I opened another blog... ready for it?

Visit the site in it's beginning stages and send it to those who you know fall into these walk's of life. The site is open to the public so I will approve everything and we can discuss what you may want to post. Post for yourself or someone else. Check back daily if the Lord leads you to pray for those on the list's.
I will be posting Blessing reports!

All grace and abundance flows from above!

What I need from you...
Bible verses to pour all over this site. It needs to be a well of living water to those on the list and others just visiting!

Intercessors... those who have been down these roads and know what it feels like and the thoughts those on the blog may have, so that you can speak specifically to the need and cover them in God's Word.

Check back often, remember it has an expectation assignment attached to it and it will be "growing" and "birthing" more than we can imagine!

God is so good!

In His Grip,