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Friday, February 15, 2013

Stitch Fix

So I wanted to share with you the awesome idea of stitch fix.  I feel that I am in desperate need of a personal stylist and KA posted several IG pics of her stitch fix and I loved the idea. No gathering everyone up and out to the mall or store. I am very much over the disappointment of target and other chain stores. The boutique stores close by are hit or miss. Plus I honestly never get the time to just go shopping for myself. I'm lucky if I have the grocery shopping done and laundry done. Is it just me or am I the only one that hates grocery shopping with a toddler?
 On to my fix. KA had warned me that it took several tries for the stylist to nail her style. However when I explained to the stylist my style or "wanna be" style, since I feel I have lost it all since becoming a mommy, I thought I gave her a pretty good picture of what I like. I shared my pinterest board and my blog with the latest pictures of me on there. Plus you rate different polyvore boards.
  I will post pics and let you decide which was a fix and what was already in my closet. Keep in mind that they send accessories too. Let's see how bad my style differs from the "fix".

A) fix or no fix?
B) fix or no fix

Back of B...
C) fix or no fix
D) fix or no fix
E) fix or no fix

Back of E

F) fix or no fix
G) fix or no fix

H) fix or no fix

My belly shot at 14 weeks!  I feel huge, but I have to remind myself that this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have gained 2 lbs. Probably from all the lemonade! I am carrying this child differently. I think it's higher than Eli was. Time will tell.

Now I will share with you the results of what was in my fix box and what was not...

A) Ivory and navy striped long sleeve...fix....too short and too plain. J gave it a thumbs down. I did too because I feel chubby in it. fix, those are yours truly.
B) Black sleeveless shirt...fix... very cute and I love the sheer shoulders but it very oddly was shorter in the front and longer in the back. Would be okay if I wasn't trying to cover a baby bump. fix.
C) Coral tunic..No fix... favorite shirt right now because it's long and I feel it can grow with the's not maternity. Earrings and necklace are no fix too.
D) Fix, cotton 3/4 length teal shirt. Thumbs down too short and over priced. Plus it's frumpy and wide. Earrings and necklace... no fix
E) Black Cardigan... fix, slimming and comfortable, but I already have several black cardigans and would love color and pattern.
F) Gold circle earrings...fix....too small, thumbs down.
G) Ruffle neckline fix... I wear this poncho at work in the call center when it gets cold.
H) Taupe sweater with gold snake print detail and zipper fix, a quick pick up back at the holidays for a casual can totally see the bump and so I don't wear it anymore because it doesn't flatter the bump.

  All in all I sent the whole fix box back with detailed feed back of why I didn't like it. I have promising hopes for next time.

If you would like to try Stitch fix enter this code and I will qualify for a credit of $25.



Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Moon plans...

I am so very excited to be able to plan another baby-moon. With Eli we celebrated our 5th anniversary in Aruba. This April we will celebrate each other in Nevis, West Indies. I am thrilled and could not be more excited!  We really enjoyed our baby-moon with Eli. It was a much needed and this trip will be even more needed with baby # 2 arriving in August.  I checked out the place we will be staying today and I squealed!!! I'm even more excited now! I will be about 22 weeks which is exactly how far along I was with Eli. Although we will not be doing any crazy water sports or hang-gliding we will be able to enjoy the trip and explore the island. The lady at the resort informed me that to rent a beach house for the day it would be $610 for a half a day it is 50% of that. Each 10% added tip for your house attendant.  I think we will skip that part and buy a crib, but wow that sounds amazing!  I wanted to post some pics of what we have to look forward to. Any of you are welcome to join! 

  Tell me why I didn't get married here?  How amazing is this....

 The resort....

 Isn't this decor amazing!...

8 weeks until my bags are packed and the maternity swim suits are ready to hit the beach!!!
I can't wait to have pictures of our own to share. These are from the Nevis four seasons resort web page. 


Jenny H