From An Awakened Eye

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Note of Praise

As i hold this little life that still depends on me for nourishment even out side my womb, I am blown away by the creation of God.  He is so small and beautiful and he smells like heaven. As he stretches and squeaks I soak in every breath this little guy takes. It is overwhelming... the gift of life is most treasured when the road to it wasn't how you thought it would be.  I love feeling the air from his tiny nose blow across my skin. It reminds me of who his Creator is and of the day I cried myself to sleep praying that life be created in my womb back in June.  I am in love, so in love with this little boy...

Thank you Father for your faithfulness.



  1. Jenny,

    Such a beautiful post. Yes, we are even more grateful when the path has been difficult. And as you say, we soak in every ounce of "his" wonderment. I thank GOD every day for our blessing of a miracle and take nothing for granted.

    Your sweet boy is beautiful and perfect in every way. I'm thrilled for you. Keep taking him in, every inch.

    Much Love

  2. Love it! The first pic will make your heart melt and he looks just like Jonathan in the 3rd one down. Precious!