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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Fever

 I'm so ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas and tree trimming! My mom and I went to the Southern Christmas Show and I've really caught the fever.  Eli met Santa for the first time. He didn't mind him and thought his beard felt funny. It was really cute.

 The only problem is... no house of my own to decorate. I'm kinda sad that we don't have our own place to spend Eli's first Christmas, but I guess it's tradition for the 1st Christmas to be at my parents. J & I actually spent our 1st Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. with my parents for the same reason. It's a good reason, just not so good timing.

Speaking of the house... the framing is underway and the rafters (roof skeleton) are going up this week. It is starting to look more like a house. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. I think choosing the rock and stucco colors are making me nervous. You just don't se many homes with the combo and I like to see it before I decide.  Thanks to Pintrest it is helping me along the way to remember color combos that I've seen.  I'm so addicted.

So on to decorating and shopping for gifts!

Happy Wednesday!


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