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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the 7th Day of December my true love gave to me....

2 beautiful canvases of my beautiful boy!

  I am in LOVE!!! My heart melted when I opened the box and saw my sweet boy staring back at me. I ordered these from Easy Canvas Prints. I jumped on a deal Thanksgiving weekend and I am so happy with this purchase. They are running a 25% off sale now with guaranteed arrival before Christmas. Just a side note.  Let me tell you had I known the quality of these canvases I would have ordered 4-5 more. This is an 18x24 .75" canvas. Okay so I just checked out their site and good news!!!! They are offering the deal again!  Go here to order your 18x24 for 34.99!!! Ok just made my night! And one other thing, you can submit your story and receive 40% off your entire order! Super happy girl over here in our little cozy apartment!
Oh one other thing that helps... like them on face book so you can keep up with their deals.
ps. I have not received any incentive for sharing this information. I am just one happy owner of 2 very beautiful canvases and wanted to share with you to maybe help cross someone off your list.

Jenny H

1 comment:

  1. Jenny!

    He's gorgeous! And how happy I am to get his fabulous information, as I want to order some canvases of pictures of my mom and her grandchildren at the beach.

    I think of you SO often and pray for you...I need to sit and write you a LONG note. And I do have the orgins product for you...only if I would just get to the post office :) I will, promise!

    Much Love and Prayers Always