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Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Monday leads to a busy week

It is so hard for me to focus today!  My mind is racing of all the things I need to do here at work and at home. I am in a spinning tornado of thoughts today. Good thoughts though, nothing to stressing or demanding on my emotions or mind. Just a BIG todo list and not a lot of time this week. We have VBS this week and this is going to consume J & I and I just hate it for our furry babies. Next year I won't be able to help with a 5 mo old on my hip... which I am so looking forward to!  That's another thing, I really don't "feel" pregnant yet. Other than smell oversions, eating like a tenage boy and gaining nothing, and a tiny pooch... I don't "feel" preggo yet. So I am waiting to wake up one morning and "feel" pregnant. 
  We have our first OB appt tomorrow!  I am excited to see my old practice again, it will feel like home. J is trying like a mad man to get off early to go. The baby will look like a baby this time!  I can't wait!
  In my randomness today I found a very cool site I love what she has done with this site. I feel the same way... I want to support those going through where I have been. She is writting a book too. Which by the way I have 28 weeks to finish this book or it will be another28 years before it's published!  I have the chapters outlined and I am working on the intro... why is that he hardest part?
  I also found this lady Journey to the end of our rainbow. She is due with in a few days of me. Hopefully I will be able to find out her name and compare notes. I am not fond of word press, so I couldn't find her name on her blog.
 Also read about Jess here. I love reading success stories after infertility!  I also loved her post today on Infertility Hindsite.  Very good lesson to learn from Jess... we reap what we sow.

  Anyway, I feel like a kid at Disney who can't decide to ride flying dumbo or walk through the castle to get an ice cream on the other side from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor!. 
  Happy Monday and I will share an update tomorrow on "Promise".



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  1. So happy that you have transitioned to the "other side". Savor every second :)

    Many hugs and much love as you journey on to success. I am so incredibly happy for you!