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Monday, December 5, 2011

On the 5th day of December my true love gave to me...

One sweet boy, an overflowing heart and a giant Christmas tree!

This was my first attempt of capturing a glowing
 Christmas tree with E and my newest
member of my camera bag, the
Sony alpha A35. So I set the camera on M and 1/30 f4 ISO 3200.
Then I tried it with an ISO of 1600, it was a little darker,
but I still didn't get the silhouette of Eli to work out like I wanted.
I could only fit the tree and Eli in the lens.
The tree he is looking at is 12 ft... yes 12!
It is in a huge room.
Hence why he is sitting on an ottoman
instead of the floor. We would be looking at
the pole instead.
So the AWB was reading all the light and
made the overall picture brighter.
And that my friend is why you could tell
he is wearing light blue.
I tried to use my 1.8/50, but I couldn't
back across the room far enough to fit
the tree and E in the lens.
If you look at the pic below, you will see
that some of the actual room is in the lens
and so the light meter in the camera factored that
in to the lighting is put into the picture.
There for she has more of a silhouette
of her little one than I was able to get of E.
Also E was  little blurry because 1, he was moving,
and 2, I wasn't using a tripod or anything
 to prop the camera and should have.

So here you have it...
my first attempt with this camera.
Which I am in love with BTW.
I have had it since April and I use it almost
every day!
highly recommended if your
wanting to put a SLR on your wish list.
If you would like to see a tutorial on how to show your glow,
click the picture below and it will explain more than I did.
Link your glow up to the party!

Unskinny Boppy

I love the idea of doing this every year as Eli grows!
Isn't that just the magic of Christmas!
If you have found my blog via the link party,
My blog is about life after infertility
and the hope of God's grace that blessed
us with once cute little boy.
Glad you stopped by.

Jenny H ;o)


  1. This picture is adorable!! Beautiful shot. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. That is by far THE most amazing tree I've ever seen!!! I didn't understand one bit of the camera mumbo jumbo but whatever you did worked to get such a perfect picture! We're getting a DSLR for Christmas so maybe I'll learn some of the code that you're talking ;-)

  3. thank you guys! glad to meet you and Beth Ann hope your doing well. Merry Christmas everyone!