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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interior doors and Paint stories

So I'm gonna be honest, I have been completely stress out in the past 2 days. There is so much going on with the house and my creative wheels are spinning.  I am exhausted from E's party and working this weekend, but I have deadlines on when I have to tell "these people" what I want.  I am totally not complaining, just venting a bit.
  Deep breath, feeling better all ready.

I'm gonna use this post to help my hubs with knowing what I want and then us coming to an agreement. So here goes babe, this post is for you.  I think it will be cool to look back and see the process once it is all done too. So kick Pinterest to the curb today because you wouldn't pin a picture off a site because you didn't "recognize it" and here we go.

Interior doors.... we are ordering them from Jeld-Wen windows and doors and all of the following photos are from there site... so they have total credit.

I like this style door....Model   Continental

This is what the bifold will look like for the pantry.....

This is the specifications....

What I want.... 

60 min fireproof door...probably an added feature, but we are only buying 10 doors.
maybe we can just get in on our bedrooms and the laundry room door for the pups. 
I still want 20 min fire proof on all the other doors at least. 

Wood grain is fine, unless smooth is cheaper, but I think with E
the wood grain will hide the dents better with him banging on everything these days!

I want recycled materials

but I'm not sure what NAF stands for. 

I am totally digging this color for the doors... Benjamin Moore's Dragon's breath...

I am thinking China white or Swiss coffee for the trim through out the house.

Swiss coffee... best off white trim paint...per - Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter. "Swiss Coffee OC-45. This is my favorite off-white. It's an off-white with no yellow in it, but it's still warm and creamy and never random. Yes, this is what I use in my own home."

For the foyer, living room and hallway I am looking for a greyish taupe color. I want it more warm than a stark grey.

What I have found are these but I have to go buy samples because I know they look different once painted.

Hop Sack by RL

Rockport gray...

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

this is my default if all else fails.... Grant Beige by BM

So here is my paint story.
I posted on FB yesterday..."Off to pick out the exterior paint color for the stucco.... say a prayer for direction and clarity. I become overwhelmed with making all of these decisions at once. 
They are so permanent!"

Well I arrive to the paint store with list in hand of the colors that I wanted to look at in real life.
The salesman was nice and helped me find all the colors I was looking for. I told him what I needed a quart sample of and he went with it and starting mixing my paint.

While he was mixing we were chatting and he kept asking me questions about the kinda paint is was using, what kinda stucco, who's painting it. Blah blah blah. Every reply he had was a negative one.  He was pushy and negative and that just wasn't what I had came there for.
Needless to say I decided in the middle of his blabbing to me to tune him out. I wasn't rude, I just wasn't accepting what he was speaking over my house and my paint.
I reminded myself that this house was a gift from God and he has sent us some amazing Christian sub-contractors to do the jobs and I trust God and them to take care of all the details that this guys was trying to "warn" me about. Even after I explained to him that this was our 2nd time building a home and my dad has been building homes all my life, he still continued with, "well I would paint it my self" and "well you have to be careful when painting stucco and you can't paint it like a car."

I drew the line.

Just as Jesus did in the sand.
I had enough and I decided that I was not going to accept any of the fear and negativity that this guy was putting in my mind.
So I stopped answering the questions fully, but enough to give him an answer and he got the picture. I wasn't rude, but just answered yes or no or I'm not sure.

I just can't have people speaking negative over our home.
This home was given to us by God to raise our family in and we are going to be here until God moves us. 
I just want Satan to be sure that he knows where the line is and he can't cross it.
It's a blood line and that blood was shed on Calvary and no darkness can penetrate it. PERIOD.

So that's my paint story and I hope you pulled something from it. 
I sure did.
Don't let Satan throw up distractions and cause you to let your "gate" down.
Instead recognized them and draw the line in your thoughts.
Don't let him bring doubts and fear in when it doesn't belong there.
Do your research and have scripture to back it up.
He has done his and trust me he knows the scripture too.
But from him it has no power.
Through me it does because I am cover by the blood and given the power to speak over him. 

That's what I'm going to do.
I think i should physically draw a line around my house, since the sand and dirt is still there. And give Satan a mental picture of where the line is.
In the mean time I have been praying that hedge of protection over my family and our home.  I know it's there, Satan just needs to see it.

Maybe you need to remind Satan where the line is.
If so I encourage you to do that today.

This guy explains Who gave me the power to 
speak the name of Jesus and use it in this way.

Matthew 28:18

New International Version (NIV)
18 Then Jesus came to them and said, 
“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."

Eyes Wide Open,

Jenny H

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