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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy 101

 This weekend was so nice. J and I had nothing on the agenda and it was so nice to not have to be anywhere.  Friday night I was wanting Mexican so we headed over to Tequilas for date night.  It was so yummy that we couldn't stop and cleaned our plates... well my definition of clean is leaving some beans, rice and the sides. J's def. is literally scrapping the plate clean! lol  He even ordered Flan!  We did not finish  that thanks goodness. We had ordered it in Aruba at Iguana Cantina and it was amazing and he was hoping for the same experience... well lets just say I took 2 small bites and let him enjoy the rest.  Not worth the calories.
  So being use to walking every night after dinner in the open air malls or the beach, we decided to do the next best American thing and walk around Target! lol  I kinda used that as an excuse to see how he would do with baby registering {wink}. He didn't go the with me to register for our wedding and I hated that he didn't so I wanted to include him in the experience...  Then he zoned out....he lasted about 45 min {chuckle}. He said, "now I think your just scanning to be scanning." That's when I had to explain the different sizes because to him it all looked the same. He all of the sudden took a huge interest in the colors of the baby nursery. I found him over next to a car seat rubbing the fabric saying "I like these colors". It was so cute!  He also pointed out a wall color on a poster above shelve to point out what color of blue/ aqua he likes.  I just melted. I had dreamed of getting lost in the baby section for so long and now it is an incredible reality!  We just laughed as he pointed out in that incredible moment that I had dust all over the front of my bump and boobs. Which was kinda embarrassing because 2 of the guys in our college class at church had kindly stopped to say hello at that exact moment. So in my dusty mess I said hello while trying to somehow not breath in the dead skin that was attached to my shirt! lol  Can we say gross!  All over picking up a humidifier box to read the specifications... geeze. We just laughed and proceeded to continue scanning thermometers and such. It was fun for me, but not for him. He basically said I have no idea what you are registering for. I had to explain the snack cups with the slits in them and that it was okay that I registered for them in purple and green, because that was the only color options available.  {chuckle}
  Afterwards we went home and watched a movie with the girls (our pups) all snuggled up around Eli. They love to lay their head on my bump, it is so cute. It happens at a random moment and if J jumps up to get the camera they move. So then onto Saturday...
  I spent the whole day editing pictures for Jenny H Photography. My CS3 locked me out and didn't like my serial number so I had to figure out a different way to edit. Then disaster hit Tue night... I deleted some pictures from Aruba!!! yes, deteled before they were saved safely on a CD.  Needless to say I am sick to my stomach, but hopeful that a friend can help me recover them. So I need a break tonight at church to just be.
Okay so here are a few pics from Aruba...

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