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Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Card Time!!!

I love sending Christmas cards and half of the fun is picking one out the other half is receiving them!

This year we have a new bump of an addition to our card and I am excited to share this little love bump with the world. I have always loved the fun, creative and classy designs by Shutterfly.  I also love that it is easy to find what you are looking for on the site too. They have so many incredible options and it can be overwhelming, but they have a cleaver way of narrowing down the choices to make picking out the perfect card a little less intimidating.

One of my favorite choices is the religious Christmas cards as this is why we celebrate the holiday.  Here are a few of my favorites...

I love the verse on this one...
Kinda too many pics involved though,
but I love the concept.

This one just rings true of our 2010 year... we are counting our blessings for sure!

Yes I like it because of the E....

See what I mean... I narrowed it down to those 8... whew.

I need your votes!

Also I can't wait to send these out next year with all the fun updates of little man Eli on a holiday story card...

Aren't they adorable!  I love that it gives a place to for seasonal updates. 
It gives friends and family a year in review for your family. 

Also I can completely see myself doing these wall calendars next year too...
in between laundry, feedings, and baby proofing the house!

I love the desk calendars too....

I plan on doing several of the 12 X 12 Wall Canvas for Eli's room...
that will come after his first photo shoot!
The quality of this pic isn't that great, but just check out the site
to see how awesome they look

By doing this post I will receive 50 free Christmas cards!
You can too if you are a blogger just visit this site
to see how to receive your 50 free cards!

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