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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babymooners are back!

Ok so we have been off the map for a while in Aruba. Can I just say that I found myself in tears on multiple occasions due to the overwhelming emotions of how incredibly blessed I am to have found the love of my life.  Each year we fall more in love with one another and our hearts become more deeply knit together as one. I just can't describe it anyother way.  I have the incredible experience of being the mother of his child and I am reminded of this precious life at least every 3 hours when he is awake and moving around. I could just squeal every time I feel him move inside me.  I asked J if I was getting on his nerves by grabbing his hand every time for him to experience the little rolls and kicks too, he just smiled and said, "well, just sometimes I don't feel all that you feel." I just chuckled because I know that was his way of saying, yes.
  Can I also tell you how grateful I am for all these blessings and the health of my family this year. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Not only because I will without a doubt enjoy the food, but this will be the first year in 2 that I will actually be living my dream of being pregnant at Christmas time. I remember that last year I was in tears by 10 am because fear had gripped my heart into thinking I would never mother a child and experience the joy of them at Christmas.  Deep breath... thank God I will not have those emotions this year.
  Oh... back to Aruba... it was paradise!  I absolutely LOVE that we planned a baby moon trip and that I was 22-23 weeks during it. It was the PERFECT time. We walked everywhere and enjoyed all we wanted to see and do, not to mention all the food we enjoyed!  We really need the time together. I will have pics to post later, most of them are in Texas with J on the laptop. He is there in training for his new job.  
  If you have never been to Aruba, you must go one day! It is cheaper than a week at the beach or Charleston and the food is out of this world!  I found out the reason for that this trip... all the chef's are authentic to the style of food.  Unlike here where at P.F.Changs you get an American chef cooking Chinese food. The people are SO nice and friendly. You never have the aggravation of being haggled into a store or "deal for you" type mentality. I caught myself when looking for Eli something at the outdoor kiosk being shy to go near certain doors in fear of being treated like we were in Jamaica. To my surprise the ladies just smiled and asked if I was looking for something specific and kindly helped me to find anything with a guitar on it.  It was actually helpful.  The other plus of Aruba is it is a direct flight from Charlotte and it's only 4 hours. That is like a car ride to the beach, except this beach is breath taking!
  Promise to post pics asap. Oh and this baby bump grew too! Probably didn't have much to do with all the yummy food in Aruba ;)  When I returned to work on Monday everyone was commenting on how much I grew.  I couldn't tell it until I looked back at how I was 3 weeks ago. Big difference for sure. 
  So in the midst of my overwhelming joy I am praying for my single friends to meet the love of their life. I am praying that God would join the two of you in perfect timing with His will together to meet, fall in love and experience the depth of love a marriage from Him can bring.
  I am also praying for my dear friends who I know personally and who are bloggies. I pray that if your hearts desire is to mother a child that God would hear your cry this day and give you direction and peace through your journey. That he will rest hope in your heart for the life He is going to give you. That you would learn to praise Him in the storm that is so dark and thick, and as you do He will give you strength and wings like eagles. Trust me this was my life line through our journey. 
  I am seeking His face for you all today as my heart is burdened with your burdens. I am praying a breath of new hope and peace into you today with the laughter of joy to fill your heart.  It WILL happen and He DOES hear your cries. He even keeps your tears in a bottle.  I believe he uses those tears in turn as showers of blessings on your life.  God is a powerful and awesome God. He is living and loving to His people.  Dig deeper into the shadow of His wings in His Word and there you will find all that I have prayed for you today.


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