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Monday, November 22, 2010 bump memories...photoshoots gallore

Wow that was a weekend? It felt like a work week!  J and I both worked on Saturday and it was pretty much all day for us. I ended up with 4... yes 4! shoots and J had to meet with 2 clients about an hour away... twice!  The dogs were groomed. We had our family photos made. We attended the Tucker Thanksgiving (friends J grew up with). All this in one day!  This pregnant girl was hungry and tired for sure. I couldn't feel my body when it landed on the couch Sat night about 9pm.
  Over all it was a busy accomplished weekend. Glad last weekend was a lazy one ;) We of course had date night Friday and we started by going to USA baby. J had never seen the baby's furniture in person. He likes it and tried to help pick out bedding. That turned out to be more challenging than I ever dreamed. He likes simple and I like color. It was cute... he started putting together his own combo of cordinating bumper pads, sheets and bed skirt into the cart. We just couldn't find a sheet to tie all the colors together. I did go back to babies r us on Sunday night and we decided on this....
His daddy fell in love with this little guy and just had to buy him!
He is a snuggly blanket. I think Eli will love him!
This was my main goal to purchase this weekend... g diapers.

Aren't they precious? It's the new cloth diaper reinvented...

I think I am partial because of the little "g" on the back of them.
My nick name is "G".
So he will be my little "g".
Look at this precious munchkin on the front of the pack...
Just can't wait to hold my little "g".
I only bought the disposible refills because they were on sale with a $5 off coupon! 
We will use those when we go to church and out places.
Otherwise we will use the cloth, hemp inserts.
Oh and this is Eli's first load of laundry!
Many many more to come. 
I just had to wash a few to enjoy the smell and dream.

We were able to sneek in our own photoshoot this weekend for our Christmas cards and since the dogs were groomed Sat. I figured it was the perfect time. So this is what we came out with...

so blessed to have this new "bump" addition to our pictures this year.
I almost cried several times when just J and I were together doing ours.
I am just SO THANKFUL for this life that is inside me and
I am PRAISING God for this precious gift.
Last year was so hard for me at this time and I am
just so thankful that this year is so joyous for us.

Praying for all of you who are waiting for your "Promise".
It will happen!
All in God's timing for sure.
I can not tell you how perfect His timing is with Eli.
I always knew it would happen in the right time, but it
still hurt like a death every month just the same.
So I hope you read this post and found hope.
God is Faithful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will post more later on my photoshoots so you can see my work!
Happy Monday!


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