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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still here... and baby product We are blessed to have

It has been a while since I've posted. I did manage to loose several pounds since my last post and I am happy, happy, happy to be back in my favorite pair of jeans!  Thanks to Shaun T!  Whew he has been making me work hard. Plus a good friend reminded me that weigh loss is 90% of what you eat. So I've been eating better too. Any way... I just wanted to encourage anyone who may want to shed a few that you can do it!

I have been reviewing EVERY baby product that I love. When we were registering for baby stuff the reviews made a huge vote in the decision. Plus I want other moms and to-be-moms to know what I couldn't live without. There is just so much hype and push for certain brands and endorsements for advertising that it is just overwhelming to find what will work best for your little one. Hope this helps.

So here goes on a few things I couldn't live without the 1st 6 months of Eli's life....

#1 My breast friend... pack it with your hospital bag. Best nursing essential out there! Don't think you need an extra cover though. Helps with positioning and latching. A friend gave me hers and I would say it's the best gift to give someone who wants to give breastfeeding a good try.

#2 Diaper Dekor... best diaper pail out there!  We have 2... one for upstairs and one for down. It's like a kitchen trash can... you step on the pedal, the lid opens you drop the stinky diaper in and the other lid opens and closes behind the stinky diaper. Never had a problem with stinky diaper smell. Love the locking feature. Love that you can use regular trash bags. Love it! No smashing the diaper in and twisting a lever, are you kidding me? Who has 3 hands these days? Hands down way better than the diaper genie. Looks better too.

#3 Pack and play with Newborn napper... Eli spent the first 3 months of his life sleeping in the napper. If you have the room for something more than a cradle in your master bedroom, this thing rocks! The napper has a vibration feature that is great for soothing. It also has a little night light that shines into the napper which was amazing for trying to find the paci in the dark. I love that we can use this as he grows too.  Travels nicely. Also cool because it has the changing table feature... great for travel as well.

#4 Mobi wrap.... Love this wrap!  Kinda hot in the summer though, but what isn't in this 100 degree heat? We use it around the house too. This was awesome when Eli was tiny and I wanted to go in public without fear of him getting every ones germs.... like church! We still use it and love it! I have it in brown and love it. I wash it with my clothes and it's just like a huge t-shirt. I can totally see this coming in handy with the second child.

Now I'm on the hunt for a good baby food maker. Any suggestions?

Also looking for a baby carrier that is small, compact and cheep... like under $40. May have to find one at a consignment sale.... but what should I look for?

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