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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paint, paint and more paint!

I have been so incredibly nervous about choosing the colors in this house ya'll.  I am seriously sitting here with wet palms texting my painter about paining the interior doors a different color. I guess with this being our forever home I feel locked into the colors forever. It's totally not the case, but I just haven't had the chance to see everything on a design board or anything.  The hardwoods were just delivered Monday and that is the first time I have been able to compare my paint colors with the flooring without using a 8 in sample piece.  

I am thrilled with our hardwoods!!!  It is the most neutral wood I have ever seen. I will be sure to take pics today so you all can see our progress, but the hard woods are going to be amazing!  They are dutch licorice, so in regular terms it's a black stain on mahogany wood. NO reds, yellows, browns... just shades of black!!! So happy... and relieved. We ordered them off line and you will have to forgive me at the moment I can't remember where we ordered them from, but I promise to post all the details later with tons of pictures.

The house looks more like a home and the painting will be done this week!!! Eeks!!!  I am nervous!  Which is crazy because it is a fresh slate and our couch is so neutral that I shouldn't be this nervous, but 
I am.  I guess I'm overwhelmed too. I had Lindsey do my hair yesterday and I just sat in the chair and told her to do whatever she thought... I was out of answers.  I had already answered a million questions in the past 48 hours that my mind had shut down. So I walked out with more blonde, bangs and curls!  I looked like I should be in a wedding and not going to Home Depot. I know the guys working there thought... this girl is out of her element.  I just kept trucking. With a baby sitter for a few hours I was on a mission!  Thanks to my wonderful mom who watched Eli for me yesterday I was able to pick out door knobs interior and exterior, narrow the tile down to 4 pieces and decided that if the price is right we are using quartz on the kitchen counter tops.   Whew!  Deep breath, it will all be worth it and the kitchen cabinets will not turn out yellow and the kitchen island will not be totally out of place.  It will all feel like home in several months.  I am just overwhelmed and so incredibly blessed to be in this situation and I am so thankful for blessings and favor. 

Okay, so I'm off to drop the dogs by the groomers/dog sitters, and pick up the interior door paint and decided for a final decision on the exterior paint color.... yes my palms are still sweating.   :)   Pictures are coming soon... promise!

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  1. We plan to build our "forever home" one day and I cannot even begin to fathom how I am going to make all of those decisions!!! Good luck and can't wait to see pics!