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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You are my sunshine....8 months already

Sweet girl time is flying! I am enjoying every precious moment with you. I love walking into your room in the morning and when you see me you just giggle.  You wake up slowly like your momma. You like to lay in your crib and just sing. You melt my heart! 
 You are sitting up so well and reaching for everything. Today you reached for a puff and picked it up with your pointer finger and thumb.   I was so proud and cheered you on! Your not sure of what to think about puffs yet.  However you do like bananas. You want to try everything.  I think you would try a burger if I let you.  Today you grabbed a water bottle and pulled it tightly to you and drank water from it. It's all happening so fast! 
   I'm so glad that your able to sit up and I know you are too! You like to see everyone and start to cry when your in the room by yourself. You had your first ear infection baby girl.  It's not been fun. Your a trooper though.  You still swing your arms and twist your wrist and feet.  I will be carrying you and look down to see feet twirling and hands doing the same.  You've started flapping your arms like a bird. It is precious! When you get excited you flap your arms and squeel and giggle.  Melts my heart to the core and I just squeeze you all the time.  
  Eli does the same but you grunt when he is squeezing a bit too hard. You laugh at him all the time. He likes to "see Eden Claire" in your crib in the mornings.  He wants to climb in your crib and play with you and show you your mobile or whatever he has pulled into the crib. You just watch every move he makes.  I can see the love you have for him already.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment with you two. I love being your mommy and staying home with you. 
You are the best baby ever.  You lay in your pack n play and watch is whirl around you.  You love your vetch alphabet ball, cloth I love you book, sit and stand push toy (just the toy part right now). You will find the tag on anything and suck in it.  Today you found a sticker off your bouncy seat the Eli put there when you were 3-4 months old and had it in your mouth before I could see u pull it off. You love to play pee-pie and when I eat your belly.  You love to snuggle with mommy. You would love it if I held you all day.  I really wish that I could but your brother is a bit demanding these days.  We stay home most of the time. If we go anywhere Me-Me is with us. Today is one of the first times I've gone into a clothing store with the two of you. At one point Eli was hanging out the side of the stroller and at another time he was underneath in the basket. We left without a purchase.   Which made daddy happy. 😉
  You are wearing size 9 month clothes and your malkong your way into a 12 month. You are 17.4lbs and wear size 3 diaper.  Your eyes are a beautiful deep blue and everyone comments on how beautiful and captivating they are.  You have one big roll on each upper thigh that is so squeezable and soft! You pull off every shoe and sock. You will wear a hair bow for now. You wear size 3 diaper and size 1 shoe. Bath time is your favorite and you are starting to take two long naps a day.  If I'm lucky you and brother take the afternoon nap at the same time. I try to nap then too.  You both wear me out! 
I love you sweet Eden and I just know your first birthday will be here before I want it to be.  

Love with all of my heart, 

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