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Friday, March 28, 2014

Trendy Swim suit for Mommy

Since becoming a mommy my style has changed from feeling frumpy in maternity and nursing clothes to wanting to be trendy but still functional for mommy duty. It's almost like an identity crisis of who you become once that beautiful bundle of joy is placed in your arms. The "me" is lost somewhere between lost sleep and the diaper pale. It took me several years and two babies later to embrace the "new me" and my newly makeover body. Talk about extreme makeover...the old me just doesn't exist anymore although I vowed to myself that it would.  The realization that change in every aspect of my life slapped me in my face when even my pajama pants wouldn't even pull over mid thigh 1 day post baby! 😳 
  So now 7 months post baby I am in search for a swim suit. A WHAT? I know I just said the horrible two words that every women in a dressing room dreads. After trying on 10 and passing by a miracle suit in a size 6 I learned to find the humor of it all and embrace my new body that my babies had given me. Once I passed the point of realization that no matter how much cross fit I tortured myself with my body just doesn't have the ability to lipo itself in 8 weeks after creating life for 39.5 weeks. Just not realistic and time to embrace and move on! 
 My new motto was to look for something I felt good in and attempt to nail a trend or two while trying.  So I ordered a few tops and bottoms from Lime Ricki and when they came I was shocked that I loved every single one of them! They offer a 15% off coupon and I've seen a 25% off sale so if your looking for a modest trendy bathing sit go check them out! You can see all of my reviews on their site under JennyH. I ended up keeping the polka dot halter with front rouching, the cream and polka dot one strap with rosette top to mix with the aqua mid rise bottom and mini polka dot shirred skirt bottom.  They all mix and match and the tops are super long.   Also I'm not afraid of  being pulled down either the fit is higher than most. Which I was looking for a suit to be comfortable around neighbors and parents ya know. 😉 the quality is high end and lined. The halter has a wire bra and the one shoulder has a shelf bra. Both have soft bra cups. I would highly recommend these suits for teenagers too. Super trendy and cute colors and patterns.  Go check them out!  I've not been endorsed in any way but wanted to share an awesome find to help you with the dreaded bathing suit delimma of the season.  



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