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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday you have been a good friend to me!

Today is my birthday!  I turned 28 today!  {It sounds so odd to to say that, I feel like I should be saying 24} Any ways... it was one of the best birthdays that I can remember.  To be truthful I was dreading it, I know it is horrible, but I have to admit I asked God for strength for the day. I just pictured my "next" birthday as being so different.
  On my pillow last night was a surprise! Yep the B-day fairy left me something... ha got ya!  He was better looking than the b-day fairy {wink} This beautiful yellow purse was on it with a heart touching card from J. Written on the front of it was "My Sweet Jenny"... the title of the song he wrote for me at our wedding. Too sweet!  Those words take me back every time to the day of our wedding!  {ok I'm back now} ;) J has such a hard time holding in a secret so he said, "it's technically 30 min before your birthday, but I think its ok for you to have it now."  Just can't handle it... and yes the engagement was a surprise too!  That is for a later post.
What and incredible birthday morning!  The sun was beautiful beaming through the drapes! I have to admit I did sleep in 'til 9! Ya know your getting older when you can't sleep past 11 {wink to you Adrianna}.
So picture this... little me in my cute hot pink Spring floral top driving a monstrous {Big} black Tundra truck up and down 7th street in Charlotte today!  LOL  I am really laughing at my self and what people must have been thinking... "that country girl is lost is this big city with her {Big} truck." "Country girl doesn't know her North from South." {chuckle} I am telling you I went from one end of 7th street to the other... well just about... If I would have just kept going I would have found her.  Who you ask?  The cutest {besides Yuki} Asian girl {because we know even if they are 60 they still look like little girls} standing on the corner of Louise and 7th waving at every truck passing by with her Uggs' and black knit dress with an oh so cute scarf trying to flag me into the parking lot that I would have never found had se not stayed on her cell phone during the process.  Didn't I just paint the cutest Spring picture or what?  Well hold on it gets better... I walk into the cutest house/turned {Spa} with the windows open and clean lined decor with orange and brown solid colors and the neatest stripped carpet on the stairs {yeah I remember the oddest of details}.  It was so adorable!  Adrienne showed me up to her little corner of the spa and it was very feng shui, I am assuming.  I knew it was a match meant to be... her room was orange!  For those of you who don't know, my happy place {aka Kitchen} is also orange.
 I had my first appointment this morning at 10 with Adrienne Wei. She is a licensed acupuncturist who Dr. Trexler (my angle of a chiropractor) recommended. Adrienne and her partner Angie McInnis work together to optimize fertility from a natural approach which I {love}.  Angie is a fertility/maternity masseuse and in conjunction have had a rising 90% success rate!  So I needed to hear more from these two fertility making mommas!  My regular GYN told me last week she was ready for me to start clomid  and I was shocked by the approach.  I mean she hasn't even drawn one  drop of blood from me and  she was ready to shove me on the {Clomid bus}.  I just wasn't ready and I asked for a referral. So in the mean time while at Dr. Trexler's office on Thursday, I called Angie to talk about the fertility massage, success rate and all that good stuff.  I was encouraged by the alternative they offered.  Do you know her first question was, "Have you started clomid yet?"  When I told her {no} she was relieved!  So was I for going with my gut instinct. I mean I could be starting the darn stuff in 3 days! She said that it was better that I hadn't started due to the fact that she would not have to bother with fighting with the chemicals that it leaves in the body.  She went on to say that one of her clients developed a cyst on her ovary from the 2nd month of clomid that will one day painfully rupture. {Yeah my face did the same thing... how awful was written all over it!} So for those of you out there on the {Clomid bus} there may be an alternative to the hot-flashes and "don't touch me boobs" with the.... you have lived the picture.

I know I am rambling, but I just want all this to be in writing for me to look back on to see how ordered my steps are for this child and for this child to know how ordered their steps are even before God spoke them into this world!

  After a thorough assessment of my medical history and tongue exam, she realized I was a nurse.  Do any of you nurses out there hate when medical professionals find out you are a nurse too?  I just said, "well I'm not your typical nurse." I believe in homeopathy and other forms of medicine too. She just smiled and went back to taking notes on {shrug} I guess the way my tongue looked? She said I was slightly anemic, which I sort of suspected, and that we would need to "make my blood more healthy and ready to support another life inside you". That got my attention!  Guess I will find out more Tuesday on the tongue diagram details when I go back for a "real appointment".  Adrienne said that I was already 50% there!  This was good news... One step closer to {nurturing my little Promise. She was pleased with my "clock work" cycles but not so pleased with my low body temperature. {not bragging here ladies with the cycles, I have prayed for regular cycles since meeting {Aunt Flow (aka AF) for the first time. My sister-in-love went through fertility treatments when I was around 11 and so I knew the blessings of the Aunt}... She said my issues lye somewhere between my "heart and kidneys" {yeah I just nodded like I knew she was going to say that}. She said not to worry about that, she would explain every thing to me on Tuesday. We had to cut the appointment short, due  to my {wondering through the pastures excursion on 7th street}.  So looking forward to learning about all my mishaps in the {mid-section} of me on Tuesday.  Don't worry, I will keep you posted. {wink} Yeah and you thought this chick was a little Chinese grandma...nope, just 32, with an impressive list of degrees. Just check out her web site.
 So off in the {Big} black truck to my next appointment....Olive Garden with the Girls in my family! One of the highlights of the day.  I was so excited about this today. It has been years since we have been able to keep this ritual, well since starting a career 6 years ago. I walked in "lately but lastly" as I always like to make the last entrance, no it's not a personality disorder, I just have a bad since of time when I am not at work.  There all 7 faces sat waiting on the {birthday girl}, and yes Rachel Carico I included your sweet face, although where was my sweet Kerrington? ...The social bug that she is! As I hugged each one I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am to have all of these Godly females in my life! Each one with their own story and heart to share, just as impactful as the next.  From the age 4 to 60 something,  they each owned a  story that would move the hearts of many if given the chance to share if they fully understood the worth of their own soul.  I am moved just thinking of all the intricate details that just I know about each of these women and that is nothing considering I am "only looking through a glass dimly lit".

 After enjoying the soup and salad at O.G., Mom and I looked at one another with the look of {shall we shop 'til we drop?}  We did!  I love days like this with her. Bouncing in one store and out the next.  We found ourselves lost at the existence of time.  She bought a darling white "pheasant" skirt and I found a charcoal gray dress with reverse pleats at the neck and waist high belt... oh so cute!  Jonathan ended up liking it minus the long pearl necklace I had paired with it. To him simple is elegant. Mom and I topped off the shopping excursion with a strawberry slushy, you know the kind perfect for a 91 degree day? Well thanks to Adrienne and the fitting room that turned into "2 bottles of water please".  {oh the life of a women}

Last stop... Cantina 1511!  Yes, Meredith I hope you have one near you in ATL dear.  I thought of you as we were pulling in. {Wish you were hear} But back to the night... A party of 11 showed for my celebration. It sounded like a party of 40!  A table of 8 or so were sat in the small room near the kitchen with us and they were, well let's just say lit when they got there. {LOUD} is not the word for the Ring leader of all of them!  When we left the restaurant we were all yelling at one another as if we had left a concert!  It wasn't as bad as I am making it to be, we totally made the best of it with the help of Travis. I will post a video of us doing the wave at the table! Yes, the wave! An not one of us ordered and alcoholic beverage!   I have to tell you I ordered the best item on the table tonight, thanks to my hubby when I couldn't decide between 2 yummy sounding items on the menu.  QueSaDIlLAS: Avocado, lump crab, jalapeño bacon and mixed Mexican cheeses. Garnished with an avocado crema. 
Served with a jicama slaw and red pepper crema. Oh and it was gooda!  lol
Everyone at the table sampled and voted my dish as the favorite!  And thanks to Hannah and Greg for being a good sport and missing softball practice to be with his GF and me for my celebration.  They brought the most darling cake that hit the spot after all the salt we consumed!  
 So thanks to all who came to 1511 East blvd tonight to make this a very memorable birthday, and for those of you who were there in spirit!  I could not have asked for a better day full of love sent in the form of text and Facebook messages, voicemails and phone calls, hugs and cards.  I am truly abundantly blessed to be alive to celebrate my 28th birthday!

How incredible to celebrate all of this with today being {Good Friday} One of the holiest of holidays.  I am truly thankful to the One who gave me these 28 indescribable years. Born into a family that adores me and married to the most amazing soul mate a girl could pray for to create and indescribable family of our own. He is so faithful to forgive me of all the sin I was placed here on earth with and created myself. I am overwhelmed by His magnificent {mercy} and {love} that I have felt today and any day that I choose to reach out and feel it.

Abundance is... the gift of {love} {sacrifice of an only begotten Son} {sin forgiven} {promise of a Promise} {life eternal with Him}

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