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Thursday, April 8, 2010

REACH out and smell the pollen

 Today was my first visit to meet Dr. Teaff at the REACH clinic.  I braved the visit by myself due to the fact Jonathan worked a 12 hour shift today. It went well the laughter of God met me at the door. Literally, the receptionist and her assistant were cracking up at me.  I was pulling jokes off the cuff like I was a pro.  I have no idea where it was coming from other than my prayers. I wanted to feel His presence and peace. Going alone was pretty fearful in itself so I wanted Him to go with me and He showed up.
For those of you who have no clue who I am talking about "He" is the Holy Spirit. Check it out its in the Newest part of the Bible. Jesus said He would leave this earth and He would leave with us the "Comforter".   I could not live with out Him by my side.  Ask God to show you who the Comforter is, He will.
 My 1st experience with Dr. Teaff was like meeting a Great Aunt for the first time. There was commonality and we just clicked. {yeah prayed for that to} I asked that He lead me to the right doctor for us.  She made a game plan that I am comfortable with and now we take the first steps... blood work and lots of it!  Now waiting..... the story of my life, but hey I am getting several books read in the mean time. {shrug}
 I return in 3 weeks for the results of the lab work then we will see what step 2 is. Until then, I am excited to see what God has in-store for us.  I am hopeful.



Abundance is.... the {sound} of April rain with the windows up and the air stirring and cooling.  A night to myself to meet a new friend.  Knowing your not alone and having people to share your journey with.   The hope of a great weekend and the opportunity to reach this community for Jesus at Catalyst Saturday.

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  1. You are not alone!! God's got us wrapped in His arms. So excited you went to the Reach Clinic, you have to keep me updated on your progress. I LOVE that I met my new friend too on Thursday! Have a good week.