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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blessings of good friends...

  Today I am counting my blessings of good friends.  I am thinking of the {many} emails and text that I get randomly through out the month from them. Telling me they are thinking of me and most of all sending up prayers.  I am truly blessed with a great {circle} of friends. 
  Today I get to be the {blessing} of a good friend. My heart is so happy for her.  Today at 7:30 pm, I will be giving her the HCG trigger injection!  I have been in serious prayer over this since she called in a frantic last night praying I was free to step in and give her the injection.  "Of course!"  I shouted.  This dear friend will be one of the best mother's in the world and I cannot wait to see how God blesses her and her husband with a house full of babies!  Be in prayer for J & T as they walk in their first journey with IUI tomorrow!

Random email today ...
 I liked reading the comments and understand completely the feelings and importance of having supportive friends around during this type of journey.  I have been in the boat and felt like the "hot potato" and I have had the wonderful pleasure of "playing mommy" too! Interesting how friends react to "your crisis".

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I miscarried in Jan of '08. I was 14 weeks along with my first child. My husband's sister-in-law was also pregnant with her second child (she was only 2 weeks ahead of me). She was SO supportive of me when I miscarried, called me the morning of my DNE, was totally ok with me skipping her baby shower (we were supposed to have a baby shower together) that the morning of her due date I had no problems staying at the hospital and keeping her company while she labored. I was truly happy for her. Her love and support made it not painful for me to be around her and her children. In contrast, my husband's sister has an 8 month old, when I was pregnant, she would call often, see how I was doing, share news with me, invite me over for lunch. The minute I miscarried she dropped me like a hot potato. Lost complete interest in me which made me feel further alienated. Maybe she didn't know how to act around me, but she made me feel worse. She makes it painful to be around her!

posted 7/01/2008 by anitajoon

I can totally relate to these posts! We were about 8 weeks along when I had horrible cramps and thought it was just my uterus stretching and preparing to grow. Several hourse later the cramps became so intense I was in tears and asked my husband to rush me to the hospital because I knew something was wrong. Turned out that my baby had implanted in my left fallopian tube. We were devistated. (had the whole tube removed 08/29/09) We were expecting on April 22ish and found out that my husband's cousin is now expecting a baby on that same date! This has been very hard to get through showers and parties when all I want to do is cry! Those who haven't had a miscarriage have NO idea how hard it is to lose something so precious!

posted 1/17/2010 by Katie Rainero

I miscarried in July of '08. I just found out there was a chance. I took the home test and it came back unclear. So I went to the doctor and got checked out. She said it looked like I might have been. And not three days later I started bleeding. I was in so much pain. Called the doctor and she confirmed it. I was so torn. I couldn't go to the father because he said it was my own fault. My best friend was more than 5 months. She was there for my through it all. She knew I was trying. And for some reason it was like she was going through it with me. A good friend will stick with you no matter what. Still to this day it hurts to think about it. My friend now has her beautiful baby boy and every time I feel down I go to see her and her son. She knows when I'm upset and some times she'll let me play mom lol. Without my friend I wouldn't have made it through it. I've been trying since then with no luck. But the point is your friends will be there for you if their good friends.
Abundance is... good friends & family standing beside you through hard times!

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