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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Dreaming

Today has been a very busy day at work and I just can't keep my focus. It is so beautiful outside and I just want to go lay out by the pool and read a book!  {but} I am stuck here scheduling procedures and answering phone calls. Thank God J was off today. He helped me chill for lunch by bringing me my favorite... Chick fil a sweet tea! And of course the chicken sand and waffle fries.  He is so good to me.  I just looked at him and said well, 17 disappointments and let downs. He just smiled and said, "not this month either huh?". I just sat there in a peace and looked at him then said, "I will just be so glad when we are finally pregnant." He kinda chuckled and said "well I won't" and chuckled because he says that I will be the grumpiest pregnant women there is. I asked him if he thought I would be a "bridezilla"? and he said that he didn't think about it. I know I did... I was afraid of how I would react to that kind of pressure, but it was just the opposite of what I thought. I was the most calm and loving person that day. I just enjoyed the moment I had waited 7 years to experience. I told him that I thought a pregnancy would be the same way for me. Now I know there are incredible hormones involved, but I will be so grateful to be puking over a toilet, leg cramps and back aches that it may be different than we think. 
 As we finished the conversation I pointed across the parking lot and said "see what I see every day?" He said "what?" And as we waited he saw 2 teenage girls get out of a car one already had a 2 year old and several months along and the other girl was about to pop. He just sat there and looked at me like, "baby it will happen."  I told him that normally it discourages me, but not today! I choose to hold my chin up knowing God has a perfect plan and it is just going to take a little longer to get there than I wished or even prayed a thousand times over.
  I just have a hopeful spirit today although I know this isn't the "month". I'm OK with that. Partly because I don't think we could squeeze another Feb. birthday into the family calendar! lol.  So we will see if March will be the magical month.  Yeah I think like this every month. I can calculate it up faster than you can blink.
 So with my chin up and hopeful I bought this cute dress...
yes, that is a baby bump dress.
It was on serious sale at Old Navy and it had rave reviews for before during and after pregnancy. So I can enjoy it now and then!  We shall see... hoping for a good MD appt on Friday with a positive game plan.

Abundance is... lunch with my hubby, spending time with church family tonight, clean sheets on a comfy bed.


  1. Our struggles are different but our God is the same, and I KNOW He is good. I KNOW He hasn't forgotten you. I KNOW His plan is only to give us His best. Everytime.

    Praying for you and inspired by your hope and faith.

  2. I'm so excited to see what God is doing in your life. You are probably one of the most amazing women I know. Love you! I'm praying for you and I know God is working! HE is faithful and good.

  3. Thanks ladies! Your support and encouraging words are amazing for me. You will never know how much they mean to me. He has a plan and He is so faithful!