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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Consignment Sales Gallore

Since my first experience at a baby shower 2 years ago I have wanted to know more about consignment sales... The BIG ones in the area! At this shower several moms had become quite good at consigning their stuff and buying an entire seasonal wardrobe for their tot. Intrigued? I was!  These moms trade in their kids clothes toys and stuff for the next season and the one lady said she spent $80 on an entire girls fall wardrobe!!! (Size 4T) Tell me more...
  So my first Big consignment sale was here in Gastonia at the First Pres. It was amazing! Friends bought Janie and Jack outfits for a few bucks! I bought a light weight stroller for $10 that is in excellent condition. That retails for $99.00. Similar to this one, but all black and gray.
I also bought a Graco stroller combo set for $90 very similar to this one...retails for about $280.
Also in the Spring I went to another consignment sale in Waxhaw and spent $27 on lots of goodies I am already using, like the Pregnancy Journal  $3 that retails for 19.99 (s/h) and What to Expect When Your Expecting for $2 retails for 19.99 (s/h).  I saved $35 off the top with these brand new books! You can see that post  here.
Yes... I bought all this when we were praying for a baby and I am glad I did!
So this week I want to go see what goodies I can find at the Tot Trade in Cabarrus. Anyone what to join me?  If your praying for a baby... faith is not enough, move on your faith as James did. If you already have a kiddo... then what are you waiting for?   Let's go consigning!!! 
Also Womb Maternity Consignment in Charlotte looks like a fun stop on the way!!!  

Abundance is... dreaming today...peace...hope in His promises.
Praising God today for 9 weeks of my promise.
Praying for sweet friends and hope that God {will}
speak life into their womb when they are doubting God.
Fear: False Evidence Against Reality
In His Grip,

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