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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where did it go?

 The weekend flew by and I'm not sure where it went. I did get to hang out with my Maw-Maw while J went to the football game. We had a great time chatting. She told me, "well, your not showing yet."  It was cute. I didn't argue and just let her talk. I guess the shirt I had on made it hard to see the little bump. I did post pics for all to see on my pregnancy blog. I do see the need to teach J about lighting and posing... lol he just snapped at anything, saying "well it's digital."  Next time I will bring out the full length mirror so I can see what he is snapping at! It was fun, and we laughed, so that was good.
 Yesterday was busy. I had not planned on it being that way. I made a trip to Womb Consignment and picked up a dress she was holding for me and a couple other cute items that will cary me into the Fall. It is hard to believe I am FINALLY buying maternity clothes. I am so very thankful to finally have this opportunity. It is wonderful!
  J & I had lunch at Los Arcos... I woke up dreaming about it so we had to go. He didn't fuss, it is his favorite! We actually had a lunch date, alone!  Rarity! Someone always ends up going with us or meeting us there. shrug. it was good for the 2 of us because he had to dj a wedding Sat night. So while he did that I took the girls to the pool. My mom met me there with my cousin's 3 kids... long story, but my mom is keeping them for a while. They are 5,6,8... yes little ones, all in school. I can't imagine starting over again like that. My mom is a trooper for sure!
 After church this morning we had lunch with them at Cracker Barrel. I had a 1300 calorie lunch as J said, but I didn't feel bad, his was at least 1250! lol. I brought half home and had it after my 3 hour nap! Crazy I know, but I am soaking in all the sleep I can grab.
  Speaking of sleep I better grab a few more Z's before the work week begins.

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