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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday to Friday

I'm not sure where the week went? For the past few months the weeks have been creeping by and this week has flown! Incase you haven't noticed... it has been beautiful outside!  I officially have {Spring Fever}!!!! My tulips are coming up and the yard has been poked and seeded, thanks to my wonderful husband who loves a green yard! {no punt intended}  For those of you who don't know he is a jack of all trades!  He owns Yard Green of greater Charlotte... I usually explain it to people as "they basically paint grass green, pine needles brown and mulch one of 10 colors". It is a really cool concept and money saver, when it comes to mulch and pine needles, plus it is eco friendly and gives nutrients to the soil.  Can you tell I have a bad case of spring fever? I sound like a child cooped up in her room for the past 5 hours!
I love yard work!  You would think I was the "man" in the marriage, when it comes to gardening, but J does love it just as much.  Which reminds me I have to post pics of our pond that we built together. Most of you have never seen it, even if you have been to our house. It kinda hides until you walk out off the back deck. It is a beast in itself!  I am going to plant some bulbs this weekend around it. I love the joy of planting something once and reaping the harvest for years to come. Now don't get me wrong I love my pansies, but it thrills me when "my" tulips begin to pop up! 
So back to the weekend... last weekend was very productive. Friday night J and I had a date! I am loving Friday nights. We have done this several times in the past month and it is actually an answer to prayer. I asked God to bring us closer and of course He has and I am loving every minute of it. I mean let's face it, we have "dated for almost 12 years" the fireworks fade from time to time. So A local restaurant has become our special place. When we are there it is like a mini vacation, almost like we are in a different town. I think we will keep it that way as our little secret. (meaning not bring friends with us, so that the memories stay just for us) Oh yeah, almost forgot to reveal the "secret dating place"....

Isn't is beautiful? It doesn't look like it even belongs in Gastonia!  Oh... the name of the  place is Lotus.  {Our} booth is the one to the left near the stairs. It is tucked away and feels like we are on a cruise ship!  {Everything} on the menu is fabulous! A friend described the food as {cosistently reliable}.   We can eat there for around $35-40, that is with an appetizer! Considering the quality of the food it should be around 30-40 a person!
For those of you who are single... the man of your dreams is coming!  Do you really believe that?  The way you can tell if you really believe that is your prayer life. I encourage you to find every scripture in the Bible that speaks of "the husband" and pray them out over your life and just in speaking the word and hearing it ourselves gives us power in our tongue. Speak out all the details to God. He knows your heart and wants to hear you speak it out to Him.  Trust me, it works!  I was reminded this through the {wedding weekend} of how blessed I am with not only a wonderful husband, but an incredible Mother-in-law.  You know I prayed for that!  I wanted no tension between me and my mother-in-love to be.  We can talk about anything! I prayed that specific.  Now I am not saying that if God brings you someone and they are {not exactly to your order} that God didn't hear you. He truly knows best and be patient, maybe it wasn't in your best interest for him or his family to possess that trait. Look at it this way... when you ask a parent, mother or father, for something, they want to give it to you, right?  But if you ask for something they know is not in your best interest, they always have a better option in mind.  Making since?  This is true of anything we ask of the Father. We really make it harder than it is.
The past 2 weeks I have been drawn to James. I highly recommend it!  There are powerful truths in that small little book nestled between Hebrews and Peter. All that I have said above is found in that small book. I have been reading it over and over. I need to brand James' words on my heart, maybe you do too!
So as for last weekend... rewind to last Sat.  I took a trip to the metrolina expo, which I had no idea where it was, I do know!  After going the wrong way on 485 and taking a {Sara detour} we finaly chatted our way into the parking lot of the consignment sale. Jamie was with us and she is like {super momma} although her and her hubby don't have any biolgical kiddos of their own they have recently taken in 3 little  boys into foster care and with the experience of her nanny duties... there is no other way to say it... {she rocks} when it comes to raising babies!  So her and Sarah loaded me down with books, sleep blankets {that apparently are imported from the UK}, sling wrap and other little goodies to put in {our} hope chest.  It was alot of fun and we chatted the whole time about life, kids, friends and God. The coolest part was when we all held hands before we departed and prayed about all the concerns that were mentioned in the car that day.  It felt so good to be around women of God who are living out His will in their lives. It was very up lifting! And these are the goodies...only spent $27!

  So I have a lot of reading to do and journaling. I came home wondering about which room we would put the nursery. J says it will be where the guest room is now, but I have always heard that it's good to have the extra bed. My thoughts are I will want my mom to say with me for a while or maybe from time to time and what if later we have out of town guest we will want that option. I am so blessed to even have the option! Well you just experienced a chain of thought from {G} lol.

 So back to the weekend... I am just so full of excitement this week everything is bubbling out, God is so good. Change is taking place in my heart and it is good change. I see God moving in my life and it is so exciting!  I love being obedient and experiencing the {ride in the river} with Him. Now I don't always feel this way and I have noticed that when I loose my {focus} from Him {Jesus} is when I start drowning. It is truly a daily process for me. You know I guess it is like Peter when he walked on the water. {shrug}
 Saturday night was great at Catalyst!  I love the {Emotions} sermon series. I mean what girl doesn't struggle with emotions? Sunday was good too. I was able to see J play at Bethlehem for the youth service. It started pouring down rain during the service and when we left the air was cool. It was a good day to chill and take a Sunday nap, which J never does. He is just over doing it with the new job at Verizon and worship leader for 3 services plus 2 nights a week of practice... no wonder he took a nap!  The house is still a mess... tons of laundry to be done, but {shrug} oh well, there will always be laundry!
 Sunday night we went over to Deborah and Terry's house for prayer with Envoy. It was really productive!  I am an intercessor, so of course I love it.  I just love being at the throne room of Jesus and siting at His feet pouring out my fragrance to Him. I can feel His warm smile and loving embrace in that place with Him. For those of you who don't know how to pray, then corprate or group prayer is a good place to learn.  Go to prayer at your church or just have a friend who is a mature Christian pray over you or with you.  You will learn so much!  So many times we pray ineffectively because we do not know what to ask for. Don't worry about using {big words} to impress God, just use His Word to pray. If there is a certain thing you are asking God for then search the scriptures on the topic. Look up the Lord's prayer and study His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.  If you still need help, message me!  Feeding your prayer life is a must in these end times! Ask God to draw you toward Him through your prayer life and His Word and He will give you a hunger to learn and listen.  Did I mention I can't stop reading James?  You should check it out, seriously!


Abundance is.... effective prayer, goodies for our baby to come in God's timing, date night with my soul mate, loads of laundry to do, because some people only have one set of clothes in this world.

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