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Friday, January 14, 2011

10 year HS class reunion

10 years oh my! Can't believe it has been that long since I have seen some of these guys. I was goo to catch up and talk about fun days. We were all a pretty good crowd and we always knew how to have fun and laugh alot. It was an unusual day if no one spewed milk out of their nose from getting caught with a mouth full when someone said something hillarious. I don't miss it for sure. Glad those days are past, but it was good to bring up old memories like us putting a bolagna smiley face on Mr. Barrett's car that is still there on his gold cutless supreme. A few of our senior teachers showed up and that was fun too. If your wondering... I attended a small private school and their were only 39 in our graduating class. So we all knew each others grandmas! Most of us went to school together since 5 th grade. The one picture of me and Josh and Julie is a classic, we atended school from K-5 to 12th grade and we have had this pose taken several times of us. It was funny that when we were finished taking the pic Julie's Hubs, Noah, told Josh, "did I say you could put your arm around my wife's waiste?" Josh just chuckled. We always took care of our "Joshua" he was born with hydrocephalis and several other things. Interesting that I became a nurse and Julie is a PA huh?
Well it was nice looking back, but ready to look forward to what God has for our little family of 5 and J reminds me ;)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Such fun memories :) I'm sure everyone was so happy for you.