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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So much to do so little time

It's crazy that I feel this way. With 36 weeks to plan it has hit me that it is crunch time and I am a little overwhelmed. Praying I can rest and get thinkg done that I need to before little man gets here.
I have to remind myself to REST! It is just so hard to do with so much to mark off my list. I have tried to deligate, but it truly is stuff only I can do.
  So as I elevate my swollen feet I think of how much there is to do and how exhausted I am and most of all how incredibly blessed I am to be the life support of this little miracle inside me!  I know he is getting squished in there, but I love to feel his little squirms and hiccups. It won't be long!

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  1. I can understand your wanting things finished :) I've started nursery planning and have been doing things daily...Let's just say that time flies!

    Give little Eli and rub for me :) You will remain in my prayers. And those little movements really are the BEST!