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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pintrest addiction and new happenings at the new place!

Okay I admit... I am addicted!  It sucks you in and your creative, color loving, idea searching mind gets sucked in and doesn't know when to walk away!  At least that's how I am with Pintrest.  I've seen a few of you guys on there too and my oh my what funs things you "have" my dear.  I'm guilty for pinning things I plan to go check out one day and never get around to doing.  Can I just tell you it has been the perfect thing for party planning and house building ideas.  My hubs even gets it and keeps up with what i post regarding the house.   I'm addicted!!!

So let me show you a few new happenings over at the new house.  At this stage in the game it has a roof and the plumber has done the rough in and the heating and air guy has cut all the holes in the floor. The electrician will be coming next week and the guy that will do the "boxing" or trim work on the outside of the house is coming tomorrow!   Can I tell you how much fun this is and mind exhausting.  I've tired to think of everything from "not putting the air vent under the window because I might want a window seat there", to "the shower head will go here and the bench here and the drain here."  Um yeah it's that detailed. to the point of every time my hubs ask me a question I feel programed to form an immediate critical thinking storm in my head and spit out a final answer.   Fun but can cause brain-aches at times.

We are so blessed to be able to sell our home and get out of it more than what we built it for and be on this awesome journey of building our dream home.  So I wanted to share with you in the fun of all the decision making so here goes....

The exterior will be rock and pebble dash stucco.  Let me explain...

This is the rock we have picked out. Tennessee is the name of the rock we chose.  
We were able to go look at it on a house and when I saw it I knew this was it for sure!   The house that it was on is beautiful! Not to mention it is on a lake!

 Aren't the red windows awesome!  The top of the house here is covered in poplar bark siding! How cool is that for a mountain house! We aren't doing the bark or the window color. Just look at the bottom where the rock is.  Ours will come up about 4-5 feet all the way around our house.
 The top park will be Pebble Dash stucco.  We have researched and talked to tons of contractors and masonry builders and we have decided on this type of stucco. Mainly for the durability, no upkeep and no mold or mildew damage concerns to EVER worry about. It is pretty much like wrapping your entire house in cement.  Felt wrap goes down first on top of the house wrap , then a wire wrapping, and then a 1/2-1 inch layer of pebble dash stucco.  They then spray paint it in a 50 year concrete paint... color to be determined ;0)   So here is what it looks like up close....
 And this is what it looks like on a country club....

 That's my dad on the fork lift ;0)
 Our rock mason will be doing a less textured version for us. I'm thinking either a color similar to this or more in the creme family... but definitely much lighter. We have brown aluminum clad windows that you can see on the last 2 pictures and the roof is "weathered wood" in color.

The front door is almost ready to be delivered!!! I could just squeal!  I made a huge deal over having a beautiful front door on this house. I can't find a picture of our old front door, but it was just a plain black front door with a transom on top and side light to the left. It's wasn't so bad except when my brother painted it in a lovely orange peel manor I hated it ever since. So here is what I found for the new house and they are custom making it for us in California. All we did was sent them a picture and he fabricated it from scratch!  Super excited to see the end result!  And no we didn't get it from Clark Hall doors... they were about 5G's out of our budget.  This shows it pays to shop around.

Okay so enough about the house and my pintrest addictions... go check out what's new at 
and share with a friend. 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Love that rock!!! Buidling a house, fun!!!!!!!! And those doors are fab, my parents have them on their house!!!! Beautiful!