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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Nifty Thursdays

So a girlfriend and I stopped in our local 
Habitat for Humanity and found this beauty....

After dusting off this beauty's dust from the old owner and
pushing out of my mind what dust is. 
I then covered the candle sticks with paper towels 
held it around with a strip of tape and slid them down into the shaft so the would stay white during the painting.
A few high end brands that I've seen have the candle sticks the same as the chandelier, 
but I wanted to try and leave it white because I 
figured with the contrast it would make the "not so white"
candle sticks "pop".
And you only have one shot on that decision right!

 After a little coat (well maybe 1 and a dusting) of 

Total cost:
thrift store chandelier $45
2 cans spray paint $3.48 each
 (home depot was the cheapest)
Grand total of $52
Compared to...
at PB 
Or $160 at Wayfair
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Or 255 at Overstock

 And here is the light of my life!  
He's standing here on his own! 
Proud momma!

Happy Thrifty Nifty Thursday!!!
Join us at House On 31 Main and see what's happening!