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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New year 2012!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!
Can't believe it's 2012 already!
in 7 short weeks my baby will be 1... 
someone please find the pause button!
I spent the 1st day of this year in my pj's
and with this little cutie...

 He loves his radio flyer tricycle and looks so cute in his lightning McQueen hat.  He watched every move dad made today. Dad... Eli's Granddaddy had to replace the wood around one of the back doors on their home and Eli watched every single detail. I'm pretty sure he took excellent notes.
 He loves to shake his hands and growl... it just makes us all laugh. He is always the center of attention. An if he's not he will get your attention by "fake" coughing or clearing his throat at you so that you will look at him.  He is a mess! He is so much fun at this age, I just love it!
 He loves to climb up on the first shelf of the tv table and pull everything off. Today he pulled one of the nun chucks from the Wi off and he thought it was awesome!   All boy for sure!

I'm praying really hard about starting a blog for mommies. A place to share God's word and what it means to "you" as a mommy and other things that new mommies think about like, laundry, dinner and of course the hubs.  So I'm still praying and researching. I don't want it to consume much of my time, but I do want to use my talents for God's glory. I also know a dozen of talented girls that God could use through the blog as well. So we will see!

Cheers to 2012  antibiotic style!
Yeah I spent my ball dropping new years eve in bed with a fever somewhere between 102-103. I was miserable.  Enough of my whining, I'm feeling much better today. I am determined to not bring this crud into the new year with me. It's going to be a blessed year.

We will be moving into our house this year! This is the progress....

Can we say I'm one happy girl!!!!!  I can't wait to raise our babies here!  Home Sweet Home... I can't wait to live in you!
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New year!

Jenny H

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  1. I really hope God guides you to all the open doors for the mommy blog!!! I've had this on my mind for a long time. I'd love a place about parenting, parenting after infertility, being a SAHM, a wife...all the basics. A place where we're all in the same place in life. I'm excited!!!
    So sorry you were sick for the new year! Hope you're feeling better now!
    Your house looks AMAZING!!! I hope you'll post pics when you move in of how you decorate. We should add that to the mommy blog too =)