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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cover him in your grace Father... I place him in your Hands

As I type this, surgeons at Charlotte ENT are removing a neoplasm from my dad's eye. I spoke with him as he was gowning up and he is in good spirits. If you know my dad he takes everything like a grain of salt and knows where his help comes from.  I am covering him in prayers of God's grace and praying for a successful removal of the unwanted tissue and preservation of all normal eye tissue and sight!  I am also praying for no pain and tolerance of the bandages they will apply after the surgery. Father cover Dr. Hamon with your wisdom and knowledge to perform a successful surgery. I know dad is in the Ultimate Surgeon's hands and that through His grace dad will rest better without the aggrivation of the tissue on his eye with no more burning and itching or headache. I speak all the above knowing that through Jesus name it will be done. Thank you Jesus for covering my Dad in your grace and power today. That is why today is a day of ThanksLiving!

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  1. I Praise you Father! You are the master surgeon! Thank you for sending the right eye surgeon to take care of my Dad. You are amazing and deserve all the praise!