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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excitement and Expectations....It's Christmas Eve

  It is Christmas Eve and I just can't sleep!  Jonathan is sleeping away beside me, the "girls" are snuggled between us and all I can think about is the word ABUNDANCE!  Now why in the world would I be thinking of that when at 10:30 tonight I was almost in tears trying to find gifts for under $5? (That is our budget for gifts and I was too late for the $5 sale @ Old Navy ;P oh well I got over it chuckle) When I called Jonathan saying "this is impossible"! He simply grounded me by saying, "well then get out of there and come home." Like duh silly walk out the store. :)
Any way I am a little ADD @ the moment too... my wheels are spinning!
  Ever feel a since of excitement and expectation?  I have felt this all day long!  I had several hours in my day to "think on these things" (1 Cor 4:13)  and so I have been mulling over the word abundance.
I felt the Lord speak to me and drop this burden in me to pray and ask for others to pray with me through the wonderful line of communication called blogging.  You know the whole "where 2 or more are gathered in my name there I am". Yeah well it can work in agreement over a blog too.  Prayers are easier to keep track of if written down and it is hard to keep a prayer journal with me at all times. The reality is, my boss would stand over me and say, "what's that?"
In the realization this could never happen, I have started a prayer blog due to the eye opening experience that many of the people I have been praying over fall into 4 categories... Praying for a baby, husband, sick child & a job.
Tying it together I opened another blog... ready for it?

Visit the site in it's beginning stages and send it to those who you know fall into these walk's of life. The site is open to the public so I will approve everything and we can discuss what you may want to post. Post for yourself or someone else. Check back daily if the Lord leads you to pray for those on the list's.
I will be posting Blessing reports!

All grace and abundance flows from above!

What I need from you...
Bible verses to pour all over this site. It needs to be a well of living water to those on the list and others just visiting!

Intercessors... those who have been down these roads and know what it feels like and the thoughts those on the blog may have, so that you can speak specifically to the need and cover them in God's Word.

Check back often, remember it has an expectation assignment attached to it and it will be "growing" and "birthing" more than we can imagine!

God is so good!

In His Grip,

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