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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Praying for Abundance

I created this blog one night after the word
Kept running through my head
as you know...
{you} can't pray effectively
for someone
unless you have
{walked} in their

So as I was praying one {night} last week
I looked over the {prayer list}
 the similarities of the request.

There were {4} main
{areas} in which my prayers were going.
Knowing the {power of prayer} and the power of {2 or More} ,
 I feel that in my {waiting} this blog was birthed.
So check it {out}

{Email} me if you want to add someone to the list.
 I will be agreeing {daily} in prayer for each and every one. The awesome thing is {He knows every detail} of every request and he has the {answer on the way!}
I serve a {living and awesome God!}

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