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Friday, December 25, 2009

Abundance is...

Waking up on Christmas morning to an incredible husband, spending time with family, the excitement of children opening presents, Kirsten's (my almost 4 yo niece) sweet voice saying, "I always wanted this" and it was a box of clothes ;P, Dinner with my grandmother and great aunt Adora, potato soup and key lime pie to end an awesome Christmas day!  Happy Birthday Jesus. Because of you we have eternal life!  Thank you that the grave has no hold on us and we can spend eternity with you.

My heart is saddened tonight. Death is at the door of a dear friend. My Paw-paw in law (Stewart) is in the final stages of life. Breath is gasped for every minute. He will not be here with us long on this Earth. For my sister-in-law Deborah it is tragic. Father I as of you tonight to cover them in your peace. Surround them in your consuming calm spirit.  Ease any pain in his body. Take him on to be with you quickly and leave us with your Spirit to bring us through this time of mourning. Thank you for blessing us with knowing such a sweet soul.


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