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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warm Winter Nights...

It has been cold the past several nights, and trust me I know because we take each puppy out on a leash! It was funny last night Braylee had to GO! Jonathan threw on my white robe and headed for the door with Bray waiting next to it, like hurry daddy. He realized how illuminated the front of the house is from the snowmen and lights on the trees until he opened the door and said, "uh honey will you take Bray out?". I just chuckled, he looked goofy in the robe, white legs and dress shoes! (sorry I didn't get a pic of that!)
I had to share that I have found a new favorite candle that J and I both like! This is a rarity because we are both hard to please with smells. I love the clean sometimes fresh, sometimes warm fragrance and he... well he's not sure. :P
Wood Wick makes this candle and it has a wooden wick infused with copper, so you hear the crackle of a fire as it burns. And oh does it burn! The pic below is after "it's" first 3 hour burn! Biscotti is the fragrance I chose because the precious lady in Cracker Barrell was so excited about them and talked me into it. All she needed to say was that it was a soy candle and I was in love after that! Plus it was 25% off!
So if you visit my home this Winter this will be the greeting fragrance! Wish you could scratch and sniff the picture!

So with every good candle you need a good book...

This is my current read and I am loving it!   It has opened my eyes to "Living room intimacy". God is always there waiting to spend time with us. It is we that past by the living room day after day all the while He is patiently waiting for time with us! What an awesome picture of  how much He loves us and care to be intimate with us.

Every good book needs a good cup of coffee and dessert...


Vanilla Wafers
cream cheese
instant coffee
whipped cream
Hershey Cocco (unsweetened)

Layer the cookies like a banana pudding. Make 1/2 cup of the instant coffee and dip cookies in the liquid.  
Mix softened cream cheese and 8 oz whipped cream in mixing bowl. Add a dash of instant grounds and layer this with the cookies. Ech time sprinkling the cookies with the liquid coffee. Lastly layer with cream topping. Chill overnight and then sprinkle with Hershey Cocco before serving.
This was a hit at the Anthony Christmas Eve dinner!
Braylee and Raegan wanted to sample the new dessert too!

Now I have an expresso machine coming in the mail and I need a good recipe to go with this wonderful dessert. I need suggestions please!   Select the "click here" to enter your suggestion.

So what is your favorite make at home cup of brew? Or specialty drink?

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