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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrrr!!! I am not a winter girl for sure and for some reason winter has hit the Carolina's early and hard. Today I heard the comment "this is Wisconsin weather" from one of the doctors I work with. I slippped on my way into the building this morning on ice in the parking lot... can you say not expected?!?  This chick will have to be more careful. Thank God my reflexes still work after an added 20 lbs to my tummy and I didn't hit the ground. Whew... can we say close call?
  Any how... what are you planning on doing tonight on this dreary cold winter night?  I am taking my cold and going home to some hot apple cider and jumping in my pj's faster than anything. Dinner will consist of soup and grilled cheese for sure. If I had the energy I would wrap some presents, but I just don't have it in me.  This cold has gotten the best of me ;(  
  So what are you doing tonight?



  1. Oh Jenny, I am so happy that you didn't get hurt. It's cold here in the land of delta blues as well :) On this chilly night I had take out Tom Kai soup and Little Bunny and I jumped into our jammies and tucked in under the covers...we're waiting on Daddy to come home, as he went to watch the Tiger's play basketball :)

    Aparently Little Bunny is cozy and warm and is practicing his/her gymnasic skills! Moving everwhere tonight and I LOVE it!

    Take care of you and love and prayers always

  2. Thank God for cozy pj's and chinese take out and most of all... moving little Bunnies!!!
    My little one had different plans for dinner last night... He wanted a hamburger and donuts... yes I gave in an bought a dozen of krispy kreme donuts... they are a local chain, do you guys have them in your town? I did limit myself to 2 last night ;)

  3. i'm glad you're safe sweet friend! btw - i bought that cider you wanted. :o)