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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crafty... Decor and gifts under $5 oh my!

So my house is a mess and I just don't have the energy to do it all, so I will get it all decorated and tiddy by Christmas. LOL then I will have to take it all down, but oh well. I am loving life with in and the excuse to put my feet up and just have to remind myself to not worry about it. I mean my husband can leave clean laundry on the couch for a week and not think twice about it so what's wrong with me? It takes a big effort for me to learn how to be more of a Mary this year for sure.
I say that, but the Martha in me won't stop. I am such a busy bee. I also have a thing for a pretty house with creative pretty things in it.  So my "Martha" has been screeming inside because I look at all these cute ideas on some of my favorite blogs and just can't keep her tame inside.
I mean I haven't gone over board or anything, but here are a few cute ideas I have found to be cute, cheep and not much effort or time.

 Sarah at {Life Sweet Life} shared this oh so cute FREE printable download that I had printed into an 11x14 for under $3. I am putting it in a frame that I already have and putting it in the guest bathroom.  I am out of ink in my printer and so I just had Sam's print the banner on (3) 8x10 photo paper. I figured that it would last longer than home printer paper in the bathroom. So all I have to do is glue or sew ribbon to the top and hang. The  glitter trees are oh so cute, but J would give me a stink eye if I broke out the glitter in the house. He has a rule that it is to only be used outside as in... the cold 17 degree stiver me to my bones, outside and I just haven't brought myself to do that yet. Anyway.. Enjoy her post and hope you grab some cute ideas from Sarah...

This weekend I am hosting the Ladies' Annual Christmas Brunch at our church and I read this post on Proverbs 31 and I really want the focus of our brunch to be {Unwrapping His Christmas Presence}. How cool is it that I found a FREE download over at Lil Luna's that is oh so cute and I can print them for .17 each and give to every lady who comes so she can frame and serve as a reminder through this busy season.... I am just so excited about this!

Also April over at {You Me and the Kid}  posted a really cute idea for epsom salt tarts and snowmen ornaments... cute gifts for under $5!  I love epsom salt goodies and actually took a lavendar epsom salt bath last night! Love it!


Jenny H

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