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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

 I was up in the walk-in attic digging out duffel bags to take to the hospital and found an old Adidas bag of J's that still had all sorts of stuff from the past in it. It actually had a gift bag with a built in card in the front pocket that is a bear holding a heart. It brought back so many memories... we started dating in high school and this was from one of the first Valentine's we spent together.  {everyone say Awe.. in unison ;)} So since we don't really put an emphasis on the "Day" I thought of going and getting a few of the things I had put in the bag about 12 years ago... simple things that I knew were his favorite things.  Oddly enough vanilla custard baby food will be one of the things in the bag. He loved this as a baby and it's actually a light snack, kinda like pudding, that he still enjoys on occasions as this. So simple, but meaningful. There was also a heart box that was in the bag and I wish I knew what I gave him in it... I will have to come up with something creative ;)

So here's my Valentine, the love of my life, my best friend, my safe haven. I am so in love with this man... I think you can tell...

I know... the bump looks huge... it's really not as big as it looks...
but who cares!
We have created life throught the power of God
and I love that the life was created
by the two of us!

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