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Saturday, June 25, 2011

He is Faithful

   Today marks one year that we saw the two pink lines that told us we were going to be parents. No one could have ever prepared me for this journey. It has been exciting, invigortaing, exhausting, amazing, and the list goes on of the emotions that have entailed the journey. I am forever greatful for God's graceous hand in our lives and in giving us life in the for of our son, Eli.
 Sweet boy you will never know how much mommy & daddy wanted you.  You are so much joy, you have restored my laughter and permanent smile on my face. I am forever greateful to your Creator for you.

So happy I have been able to experience two pink lines and all the joys hidden behind them!  Who knew that 1 year to the day of finding out we would be celebrating Eli's 4th month of life with us!  I am in awe and know the full meaning of "my cup runneth over".

Jenny H

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