From An Awakened Eye

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Eli!

Good morning birthday boy!!!

 Your party

 Your best buddy Gabe...

 Being "sweet baby" on Gabe
 Handsome boy

 Cousin Sawyer
 Family & Friends at your party

 Your cake

 Pappa Steve

 Your best friend Hallie and Aunt Kelli

 Carrying around the infamous hair brush

 Your hairbrush and chair


 Your birthday lunch

 Pushing Bella-Reese's pink toy around

  Cousin Bella-Reese

 Eating nerds for the first time

 giving momma sugar

 bath time... your favorite time of the day

 My how you have grown. Your 22lbs and 30.25 inches long. 

 sleepy cry
 Daddy giving you your night time bottle and putting you to bed. 


  1. Awwww! The part looks like it was adorable and so much fun! You look GREAT, too! Of course, Eli is adorable and I am IN LOVE with his big bowtie! Happy Birthday to your little man! And Happy One Year of being a momma to you! :)

  2. Thanks Beth Ann, your precious. I loved the big bow tie too! I made it out of an old dress shirt of J's. When I put it on him I thought it may be a little big, but then once I paired it with the dress shirt I loved the big, silly bow tie, for my silly boy. I will post how to make them soon!... super easy!

  3. I love this little guy! He had a "whale" of a time! :o) {had to do it} Love you guys!