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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Master Bedroom Design plan

So with the wonderful world of Pinterest my home interior design mind is on overdrive. I have to sort out all the hundreds of pins so I am going to use this blog to lay it all out.  So here goes my first attempt, we will see the verdict of J once it's posted.

To start off with this is the hard wood color that will be through out the house
Dutch Licorice... it is a dark gray that isn't so dark you can't see the variations in the grain and wood.

And here is the layout of our bedroom...

For the wall color I want something dramatic and romantic. It needs to be a dark color on the walls. Our bed is a white wash with a yellowish pink undertone. You can see in the pictures of our old house the color of the wood. The truest coloring is in the second picture below.

I am really inspired by this room...

The wall color is Kendal Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.  I am completely in love with the deep color paired with whites, blacks and creams. As shown here...

When it comes to bedding, I have always loved the elegant luxurious look, but never feel like I achieved that in our old room. I am totally digging the anthropology inspired cotton comforter with the creamy yellow and possibly I can slip in a pop of aqua somewhere. I am thinking about a few that i have pinned here.
I also like this one...

I love this tall headboard but think I might do a modified version on our existing headboard in a velvet or possibly chevron fabric. But I want it tufted and luxurious! And I don't think i want it to be that high because I like the idea of a canvas or 3 above the headboard. Definitely doing  3 large square pillows not sure what color.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

See the B&W canvases in this bedroom? Wouldn't they look awesome on a Kendal Charcoal wall!!!

I also love the monogram pillow in the picture above and this west elm knock off below.

For the windows I am doing a room darkening shade and a drape beside each window.  I plan on using these, from IKEA and possibly painting a chevron cream stripe at the bottom of the shade. Maybe 5-6 rows and then you would see it at all times but it wouldn't be the whole shade to be overpowering. 
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

I have also decided to do large stripe curtains in between each window. 
Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So here is my list of things to decide on:
1. comforter
2. rug
3. ceiling color and trim color (need to decided on bedding first)

Here is my list of things to make once those 2 decisions are made:

1. 3 canvases for over the bed.
2. Cover the existing headboard in fabric.
3. Make the Monogram on the pillows
4. Paint the shades
5. Paint the curtains.
6. Paint a rug.

Total budget for the bedroom $600. We shall see If I can keep under budget.
So far for the windows I know will be shades 149.95 for 5 because of the door + 69.98 for 2 sets of the curtain panels that I think I can squeeze a 5th panel out of. = $219.93 for window treatments... not bad considering we will not be doing blinds.

Well that's all for tonight.
Good night loves,


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