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Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Blues... Come on Spring!!! Friday ramblings....

This time of year has me waiting on one thing... Sun!  I am craving sun and warm days.  I am in full swing with Eli's party planning. I have been holding back the tears that my baby will be 1.  I knew it would go by so fast. I only hate that we have had so much change in our lives over the past 12 months and I feel like I haven't been able to fully enjoy it. I'm sure I would feel that way no matter what the circumstances. I am thankful for a healthy baby boy who is the life of the room!

 I am thankful for a job that allows me to be at home with him as much as possible and the joy of almost every waking moment. This has been the best year of my life and I keep thinking back to the wide unknown of this time last year. It seems so long ago. I stop myself thanking God that I'm not 9 months pregnant waddling into work every day. I am thanking God for a safe delivery and healthy perfect baby boy who now grabs my face to lay a sweet kiss on my cheek. He has grown so much and it has been so amazing to see him every step of the way. So very thankful!!!!

The house is on the move. The rock was delivered this week and the rock mason crew will be starting on Monday full force with the stucco. I'm nervous about the color. We haven't decided on it yet. J is going out there this weekend to paint the sample piece of stucco so we can make the final decision. He for some silly reason keeps wanting to go buy a can of brown spray paint and call it done. Not sure how we would color match one of the 3 shades of brown that come in a can, but to him it makes since to decided the color of our home for the next 50 years in the form of 3 choices by krylon.  I just laugh. It makes absolute perfect since to him! lol

The decisions are being made on the cabinets and I woke up in almost panic last night about our front door.    It is on it's way from Texas and i am in fear that we've just spent x amt of $ on a door that will never come from Texas and it was all just a gimmick. It's the type of panic that takes an hour to calm your half-asleep self back down to roll over and get it in your delirious mind that it's "all just in my head" and the door will be arriving any day.

I remember those days of panic when we were planning our wedding of sheer fear something would not go the way it was planned.  I just try to sit back and go with the flow and whatever changes are coming down the pipe next.  As long as we are all healthy and alive at the end I don't care. ;)

Happy Friday Ramblings my friends,

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