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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passion 2010

Wow there aren't words to describe how awesome God is. The Passion 2010 confrence showed just a glimpse of how BIG God is and how He is moving globally!  This past weekend, 22,000 students (ages 18-25) from America gathered in the name of Jesus at the Passion 2010 Confrence and boy did they leave a mark! Not only in ALT but globally!
Do Something Now  was a global outreach from the students that gathered in ATL. Visit the site and you will be blown away!

This is a blurb from the site:
"Together, we can make a massive difference in the lives of people around the globe in Jesus' name.

That's the heartbeat behind Passion Conferences and our Do Something Now Campaign, a movement that to date has funneled close to two million dollars to those in greatest need throughout the world. At the core of it all is a desire to wed worship and justice, believing that what God wants most is not just another song, but a reflection of His love and mercy among the poor, the imprisoned, the voiceless and the oppressed.
As a result, no Passion gathering will simply be an event you attend. Rather, together we want to shift into action as we partner with amazing causes throughout the world. While it's true that none of us can meet the needs alone, it's also true that united we can do something exceptional for His fame"
The Passion team is lead by Louie Giglio keeps a blog about their tour. They have also published a book that captures their first world tour Awakening that captures the faces and hearts of the people around the world. It took me about 2 hours to look through this awesome diary.  It shows the movement that God is doing globally.  This thing just isn't an American movement. God is calling the generation that will see his return to arise and awaken!!!! I am blown away by Him! Check out Jan 7th blog to see the total of what we in Envoy had the humbling experience to be a part of!

With all of this plus Catalyst beginning this Saturday, I am humbled at the thought of what God will bring in 2010! I am expecting the unexpectable!

Abundance is...
having dinner with my Great Aunts, Eloise and Adora, Uncle John, Mom, Dad & my hubby.  Wonderful shower with clean HOT water. 2 clean doozles. Clean sheets. Warm beautiful home. Security.


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