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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Focus! Jen Focus!

Today has been difficult for me to focus! I know it is Monday/Tuesday, but I have been like an ostrich with my "head in the sand" today.  I can not seem to shake my thoughts, the bad, ugly and plain darn stupid. I am so frustrated at myself today for listening to the lies!  Plain LIES!
Last night we had Bible study at my house. I love those girls! I really needed their presense last night. I needed the topics that we talked about from Beth Moore's SLI book. We talked about false insecurities and how we place our thoughts in a far away place that doesn't even exist!  We start with one insecurity and run with it in our minds and develop it into something it is not.  It's like putting your thought or thoughts in a gerbal bal and letting it go uncontrollably tumbling and jumbling the thoughts. This is the "mind field" that Satan works!  The sad thing is I know it when I am in the middle of this spinning spiral.  It is hard to shake.
It's like spinning in a piroette and not being able to spot during the turns because the room is spinning too!  I just can't find my focus today!

Father, stop this reckless spinning in my mind and show me You again as my focus. You have all the plans I need in the palm of Your hand. Jer. 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for Jennifer and Jonathan, plans to prosper you and give you a hope and a future."   The future is weighing heavy, Father take it from my thoughts. I want what you want for our future.   I need to see the Hope in You today. Please lift my eyes to your hills so that I will know where my hope comes from!  Calm my spirit and bring peace to me right now.  I need you to calm this storm I have created in me. Forgive me for loosing focus. Teach me to be still and know you are God.
I ask all this in Jesus name,

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  1. Hey girl. I emailed you last week; did you receive it? Now listen, I will pray for God to wrap his arms around you and bring you peace and calm your spirit. Remember, all we have to do is focus on Him and do what He asks us to do (thank you Mary Heart in a Martha World), and the rest will fall into place. You will feel better and find your focus. We need to meet sometime.