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Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh I can smell the ocean!

I am already packing my bags and the new maternity swim suit came in over the weekend. I now have a great tan, thanks to the awesome weather this weekend at the beach with my ladies, so I think I am all set! Just a few more things to do before leaving on a plane in 3 weeks and 6 days for our paradise!

The post last Wed. of our wedding pics is just a reminder to myself that in  4 short weeks we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary!  While that is awesome, I am also reminded that I do not have a wedding album to show for it. Crazy I know, I have made tons of albums for clients and even my mom has one from our wedding, fact is... we still don't! Yikes! So I have a few goals that I have set for my self. Some to be completed in the next month and some by the end of the year.
1. Decorate the house for Fall/Halloween....
my favorite time of the year and 
season to decorate my house!
deadline: by thursday of this week
2. Finish my wedding album and order it!
No matter what the cost.
deadline: before Jan 2011
3. Have J carry all the bins out of the babies'
room to the attick... we will have to
 move the queen bed and rest of the
furniture very soon!
deadline: by Wed of this week
4.Photograph a wedding in Beufort, SC
this weekend with my friend Leah.
deadline to pack: thur night
5. Pack for Aruba!
deadline 10/30/10.

So much to do so little time!!!
Praise God for time!

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