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Friday, October 8, 2010

Show us your life Fridays...

Show us your life Fridays...
the showcase is the Kitchen.
I missed the past few that included the master bedroom, dinning room and now the kitchen.
So I thought I would just show you the whole darn house!
It is for sale and I will be sad to say good bye.
There is nothing I would change about it.
We are having open house this 
Saturday 10-9-10 
if you want more info email the realtor
Gail Norman (my mom) at bgtnorm at yahoo dot com
or call her at 
704 860 5332

Welcome to our home!
Isn't is just breathtaking!
I am so blessed, my daddy and brother built it for
J and I and I am amazed every time I pull in the driveway,
that this is our home!
We chose every little detail...
(while I was planning the wedding of my dreams... what a blessed girl!)
Come on in...
This is our living room. 
If you look up there is a 20 foot ceiling with a
beautiful window that houses the cutest chandelier in the world.
This chandelier is special,
because my dad bought it to go in
the Arbor that covered our
wedding cake... so sweet. 
 If you continue to the right this is the kitchen...
yes the walls are "pumpkin bread" with a
faux "butter scotch" finish, by yours truly.
I love to paint!
But I will tell you the 20 foot walls
in the living room were killer!
I would love something other than the greenery
above the cabinets, but fact is there is only like 11 inches to
the ceiling and it has made it difficult to find anything to fit.
My favorite part is the lights above the bar and the pantry that 
is as long as the wall on the right!
If you walk through the door and through the laundry room 
your in the biggest pantry known to me!
and to the left is our dinning room...
my favorite part is all the windows and
the octagon tray ceiling.
And no there aren't any blind or shades
to block out the world... I love it!
It is like a 180` view of the outside wooded world.

This one may give you a better view of the whole room,
my curtains crashed after hanging for 2 years and well...
let's just say it takes 3 people to hang them... lol
This is probably my favorite room in the whole house!
I love the purple wall and art work.
The couch is from my dream world... and oh so comfy!
I love the versatility of this room and the couch.
It is actually a 2 piece sectional that
I slide all over the place to mix it up a bit.
This is the back deck....the door and window is our bedroom...
We built this coy pond together... great couples project!

So peaceful....
Master bedroom... love the view of the back yard!
Love the lighting in the tray ceiling... I use it more than the lamps!

Master bath...

Comming soon...
Baby boy H's room...
I could just scream
from the roof tops...

For my bloggies and friends awaiting their promise... I pray that God will
continue to hold you and use you during this difficult time.
I pray that he will use his healing balm of Gilead over this
incredibly deep wound that goes through the center of
the heart. I pray that as He gives you the desires of your heart
that you will be able to step out of the past and into the promising future
without carrying that wound with you.
I pray that he will renew your strength like and eagle  and you
will rest in the shelter of his wing knowing he
knows the bigger picture and all the answers to
to those who
have faith and trust in Him.

I will also post my favorite bath room in the house...
the 1930's guest bath inspired by my Grandmother Norman.

Oh yeah there is another bedroom that is the office...
nothing exciting in there except the beautiful  front window
that you can see on the front house picture.

Have an incredible weekend and enjoy this amazing fall weather!
Jenny H

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