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Friday, October 8, 2010

He is {Perfect}!!!!

Yes! It's a boy!!!
We are thrilled to welcome this little love bug to the world!
We haven't decided on a name yet. we are still praying about that one.
Here is our perfect little boy....

We are so in love!
Vickie, the sweet ultrasound tech from this post  was the one who did the scan.
I remember being in there many months ago and she said,
"hopefully one day we will be looking at a baby in there."
 Here we are looking at him and he is perfect!
He weighs 8 ounces and measures exactly 18w 4d.
My God is amazing in his knitting of this child!
I just cried and cried as she finished the scan. I was in amazement of how incredible this little life inside me is being made for a purpose and I get the privilege of carrying this life. 
What an honor to be the mother of this child and carry him  as close to my heart as he will ever be.
He can hear every heart beat and tone of my voice. He will know that voice when he is born.
How amazing!
It reminds me of how close I want to be to the heart of God.
I want to hear His every heart beat and know
His voice when he speaks.
We are praising God for the life he has given us, both eternal and the
little boy he is knitting in my womb.

For my bloggies and friends awaiting their promise... I pray that God will

continue to hold you and use you during this difficult time.
I pray that he will use his healing balm of Gilead over this
incredibly deep wound that goes through the center of
the heart. I pray that as He gives you the desires of your heart
that you will be able to step out of the past and into the promising future
without carrying that wound with you.
I pray that he will renew your strength like and eagle and you
will rest in the shelter of his wing knowing he
knows the bigger picture and all the answers to
to those who
have faith and trust in Him.



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