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Thursday, May 5, 2011

He is so Faithful...Looking back with a prayer for tomorrow

I am reminded of this everyday as I look at my sweet boy, Eli. I am also taken back to the day when we found out we were pregnant with him... June 25th 2010 to be exact. You can read about that day here. I am beyond thankful that while I was going through the hardest time in my life God felt the closest. He told me to trust Him and that He would remain faithful. It was in those darkest hours that I remember Him holding me and visiting me in dreams and telling me His Promises. I miss Him.  Being a new mommy these past 10 weeks have be all consuming.  J took my Bible out of the computer case and placed it on the counter and my 1st thought was, "there you are, I've missed you", like a favorite watch that you've misplaced, but needed so many times before finding it again.
 Oh Father, thank you for Your faithfulness. Thank you for always being there even when I am not. Thank you for getting me through these past 10 weeks. Even though we have only spoken, I have missed Your Word so much. It is the early hours and my heart is so overjoyed with love for this boy you have given us.  I never want to take him or You for granted. Teach me to balance this task of motherhood as You intended. I place before you my fears of failure as a mother for you have given me this gift not to fail, but because you know you can trust me with this little life that looks and me and knows my face, my voice, the smell of my skin.  You have woven him so intricately and precious and for that I am grateful. This year I will face one of the days I use to dread with full arms this time. Thank you Father for this gift of Life that I now call Eli. Thank you for the moments we have experienced over the past 10 weeks. You are so faithful. I love you not only for Your gifts, but for your love, mercy and goodness that floods my soul. You are the Creator of all, and for that I am truly thankful.


Thank you Father for placing life once again in my dear friend's womb. Please be with her and sustain this life. You have been with her during her losses. Please hold her as I could never do and get her through the next 35 weeks. I ask that you allow her to experience a Mother's Day as I have before me with full arms and Life within them.  You are good, so good.

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