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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packing and Planning and Dreaming

 Whew, what a weekend... We spent it packing! Yes, packing up our entire house. We have sold it and are looking to be out in 4 weeks!  We know the sweet couple moving in and she came by this weekend and went through the house buying drapes and rugs and decor. Which was cool that she is keeping everything the same. Made me feel good. She was worried she couldn't match up things as well as I have them and she knew it would mean less for me to pack, which was sweet. So 60% of the kitchen is packed and I feel good about that. Jonathan was walking around like a lost puppy not knowing where to dig.  I had to redirect him several times after he packed up items that we will still need until the final day... like towels and wash cloths!!! He had already moved them to storage before I knew he left us 4 wash cloths and 3 towels!!! lol I just laugh. He is clueless and thinks we can move in a week. He quickly found out that either the process was going to be quick and painful for Eli or slow and pleasant for our little guy. He does have fussy spells where only a trip out side calms him. Sunday was one of those days and I just basically wore him around and continued packing. I think mom has spoiled him a bit, but he does have a relentless spirit to him. He doesn't give up until he gets what he wants... trust me I have let him cry it out and he NEVER gets it out! lol
  So we are packing and also planning... our Summer vacation. We are going back to the outer banks. His uncle goes and invites us for a week out of their 2 week stay. He likes to take J on the boat, they are just alitke in so many ways.  They are fishing buddies for sure. We are probably taking my parents too. We just have to figure out the logistics on all of it, but I'm excited to take Eli to the beach. I just know he will love it as much as he loves to be outside.
  Speaking of loves... We have found the perfect house for God's grace the offer and negotiating that will occure this week will be in our favor.  I feel like we are in a hot air balloon grabbing at the best looking cloud to call home... we may be able to grab it and call it our own, and we may not.  The market is SO competetive and different than ever these days.  It is a scarry, but fun ride.  The unknown of where we will call home and raise our babies is so very real and concerning to me. I know God has it all in His hands and He will open up the path we need and what will be best for us.

All so exciting and very different... but it is the rhythm of life and I am just along for the ride. Praising God for a wonderful life full of blessings and love.  I'm just so happy he gave me a wonderful best friend and husband to love and a baby boy to call my own. Life is good!


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  1. Gosh girl! So much going on!!! I went back to work and have been a bad blogger. Eli is so precious. We really should have a blogger get together one of these days!!!